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Mutual Help Healing Action

A family and community healing movement spreading from Australasia through the East Asia Oceania Region evolving and enriching all aspects of wellbeing


Written 1993. Last updated: April  2014.

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Starting in the early 1990s, this Homepage is a free resource for all folk exploring possibilities for better futures through engaging in self-help and mutual-help towards wellness in all of its forms. Forms of wellness may include (in no particular order) communal, cultural, physical, family, clan, inter-family, personal, interpersonal, spiritual, emotional, psychological, habitat, relational, village, inter-village inter-religious, inter-clan, geo-social, environmental, inter-faction, economic, and inter-cultural wellness. A portal to a vast array of Healing Ways (as in making whole).

  • Journeying into a wealth of nurturing healing ways
  • Tapping into ancient wisdoms
  • Discovering the latest understandings of the mindbody
  • Fostering Self Help and Mutual Help towards wellbeing
  • Evolving healing networks
  • Evolving culturally sensitive fast response psychosocial support teams for disaster response
  • Enabling Community ways for healing the World


Vast numbers of grassroots folk in the East Asia Oceania Australasia Region have contributed their experience and competence. Accumulatively, resonant academic folk to Professor level have been involved and evolved. Everything in this vast resource is from practical wisdom in action – a collection of what’s worked well, and at times contexts that have not worked so well - for learning better ways.

This Homepage was available on the Internet during the 1990s. It is now back on the Internet in a much expanded way. The wisdom on the Laceweb website has been drawn from the grassroots people of the Oceania East Asia Australasia Region. 109 themed pages are chunked into sixteen sections. Content within each page is hyperlinked. All of the pages are also hyperlinked. So this is a 3D woven space that you may seamlessly move around in following sub-themes and Keypoints. People around the World have found inspiration for action from this Laceweb Resource often based on practical examples from the past. As one example, a school in the UK for Children With Special Needs drew upon the Cultural Healing Artistry page in enabling staff and parents in supporting all of the students through the week in evolving an extraordinary extravaganza on Friday afternoon based upon the theme ‘The Emergence of Life on Planet Earth.’ Everyone was thrilled at the imagination, creativity, expressiveness, verve, and talent that emerged in very special children. Parents, Staff and Children were transformed by the experience. You may want to Bookmark this page and send a link to it to people you know. It’s a window to a massive resource.

In rewriting and re-launching Laceweb, initially some hyperlinks may not be working. These will progressively be adjusted in the coming weeks

Brief descriptions of the pages in every Section

A Link to brief descriptions of pages within each section is at the end of each list below.


Section A - Introducing Laceweb – Informal Healing Networks and New Social Movement Evolving Through the SE Asia Oceania Australasia Region

Lace Web and Laceweb

Community Ways for Healing the World

Un-Inma Atherton Tablelands Inma Project   

One Fortnight’s Laceweb Action in the Atherton Tablelands in Jan, 1994   


A few of Dr Neville Yeomans’ Poems   

Dr Neville Yeomans’ Obituary   

Informal Networks and New Social Movements   

Future Possibilities   

Wounded Healers - Wounded Group   

Laceweb Concepts and Frames   

Healing Ways Experiential Learning   

Laceweb Water Harvesting New Soil and Food Forests   

Humane Global Transitions - Therapeutic Community, Self-help Networking and Peacehealing   

Self Help Action Rebuilding Wellbeing in the East Asia Oceania Australasia Region   

A Brief Map of an informal indigenous/small minority healing network   

Micro-experiences for Sharing Healing Ways   

Laceweb Ethics

Evolving a Dispersed Urban Wellbeing Community   

Financing Sustainable Global Futures   

From the Outback   

The Laceweb Network   

Donating to Support Laceweb Action   


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Section B - Cultural Keyline - The Life Work of Dr. Neville Yeomans


An Australian Pioneer - The Life Work of Dr. Neville Yeomans 


Cultural Keyline - The Life Work of Dr. Neville Yeomans - Research towards a PhD thesis    


A complete PDF version of the above document   


Whither Goeth the World - Humanity or Barbarity   


Keyline and Fertile Futures - Chapter Five Update


Examiner Comments on Cultural Keyline Thesis   



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Section C - Laceweb Action

Lake Tinaroo Mediation Gathering  


Self-Help Action Supporting Survivors of Torture and Trauma in East Asia Oceania Australasia - Small Generalisable Actions  


Short Version of the above Combined Macro-Project  


The Second East Asia Oceania Australasia Trauma Survivors Support Network Healing Sharing Gatherings - Many Photos


Evolving an East Asia Pacific Self Help Trauma Support Intercultural Network - A Small Micro-Proposal  


Trauma Healing Manual   




Interfacing Alternative and Complementary Ways for Local Wellness


Transforming Norms


Transforming Experiences for Wellbeing   


Trauma Healing Sharing Gathering Celebrating  


Rapid Creek Project


Centennial Park Festival Events (1969)


Manifesto from First ConFest 1968



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Section D - Laceweb in Context

A Glossary of Commonly Used Laceweb Words  


On Global Reform and International Normative Model Areas (Inma)  


Laceweb News   


Governments and the Facilitation of Community Grassroots Wellbeing Action   


Inter-people Healing Treaty Between Non-Government Organizations and Unique Peoples


The Young Persons Healing Learning Code  


An Example of Enabling Indigenous Wellbeing 



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Section E - Support Entities


Connexion - A Family and Community Healing Network


Total Care Foundation   


Keyline Foundation


The Intercultural Wellbeing Foundation   


The Bougainville Survivors of Trauma Association   


Laceweb Functional Matrices  



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Section F - Laceweb Projects

Self-Help Action Supporting Survivors of Torture and Trauma on Bougainville - Small Generalisable Actions - Long Version   


Short Version of the above Plan


Background to previous Page


Background to the previous two Pages   



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Section G – Resources


An Overview of the Healing Ways Encyclopaedia  


Healing Ways Encyclopaedia   


Cultural Healing Action   


Therapeutic Binds and Double Binds  


Healing Group Process


Walking and Free Energy   


Exploring the healing power of love   


Public Speaking Checklist


Wellness Mantras   



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Section H - Therapeutic Community and Healing Storytelling


Geoff Guests Petford Youth Camp   

Old Man (Geoff Guest) - His youth as a Stolen Generation Member   

The Healing Art of Storytelling   

Healing Ways of Old Man    

More Healing Ways of Old Man   


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Section I - Wellbeing and Civil Society

Globalocal Realplay - Healing Nightmares - A Process For Transforming Senior Bureaucrats  


An Example of Hypothetical Realplay


Mental Health and Social Change  


Whither Goeth the Law - Humanity or Barbarity   


Introducing Humanitarian Law  


The Psychiatric Nurses Role in Fraser House




New Roles for Sociologists and Psychologists   


Natural Living Processes     



Section J - Feedback


Report to the UN on the Laceweb 'Small Island Gathering'


A possible follow-on to the Small Island Gathering


Developing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Drug and Substance Abuse Therapeutic Communities


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Section K - Microcontexts


Laceweb Village at ConFest


Mingles - Spiral Sunday and other Events



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Section L - Funding Context


Down To Earth Auspicing Motion - a glimpse into breadth of Laceweb Action among indigenous and minority groups


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Section M - Resonant Matrix


Extegrity - Guidelines for Joint Partner Proposal Application



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Section N – Some Stories from By the Way


Daughter on Bail


Discussion about Daughter on Bail


Relational Mediation & Daughter on Bail



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Section O – Culturally Sensitive Response to Disasters



Preparing for and Responding Well to Disasters – PRWD


Rapid Assessing of Local Wellness, Psycho-Social Resources & Resilience Following Disasters (RAD)     


Evolving RAD


Recognising and Evolving Local-lateral Links Between Various Support Processes  


Regaining Balance through Mutual-Help - A Story from Life


RAD and Resilience   


Action Researching RAD in the Field   


Outline Of A RAD Project Proposal  


RAD Experiential Learning Gatherings   


Self Care of the RAD Rapid Deployment Team 


Possible Terms of Reference for RAD Assessment of Local Psychosocial Resources and Wellness


Responsibility for Distributing RAD Reports


Governance and Law


RAD Secretariat


Report from the Pikit War Zone  



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Section P – Linking Indigenous Healing Ways and the Latest from the Brain Sciences


Flexibility and Habit   


Transforming the Whole of It – Applying Brain Research   


Healing the Mindbody   



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Section Q – A Set of Radio programs on Dr Neville Yeomans Life Work


A set of 19 Audio Programs on Dr Yeomans' Life Work and Outreach  



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