Transforming Ways




Rapport Building Ebb & Flow and Weaving processes - being at one, moving together A wide range of verbal and non-verbal rapport building processes

Outback Craft-Artificer and Bush-Mechanic Work as Therapy Processes - gaining cattle station and other vocational competences

Outdoor Action Play - individual and group experiences, processes, initiatives and rituals for possibilities that may build trust in self and others, and possibly build co-operation, community enrichment, self resourcefulness, self reliance, group support and which may improve dispute solving

Therapeutic Storytelling Processes, context healing, street mediation and group story performance - draws on East Asia Oceania Australasia indigenous cultural and intercultural healing artistry processes, corroboree, therapeutic communities, dance movement and Keyline organic farming concepts and processes. Uses natural and evolving contexts as healing possibilities. Embraces mediation therapy/counselling for strengthening healing, relationship and community

Conversational Change - this set of micro-experiences may allow healing action to take place 'on the run' as it were, as one goes about relating with other people in day to day contexts.

Caring and Sharing - home, street and rural mediation therapy/counselling - an extensive set of micro-experiences that foster relationship building and healing happening between people in conflict, within a healing mediating frame.

Cultural Healing Action - processes drawing on influences from East Asia Oceania Australasia indigenous and other cultures around the world. Cultural Healing Action can run from less than an hour to several days (or weeks). People may be involved in energetic and not so energetic games and activities - in drama, music, creative writing, singing, carving, sculpture, dance, visual arts, theatre, and group dynamics.

Mediation Therapy & Mediating Metaphor - storytelling, performance and image writing as parables for healthy tolerance and cooperative living; throughout time stories and other forms of metaphor have been used for promoting healing change

Intercultural and Inter-Ethnic Consensus; respect for cultural diversity, negotiating meaning, joint authority, the principles of humanitarian (caring) law & Lore

Therapeutic Community Processes - reconstituting lives as we learn to live well together with others in community

Being Well Experiential processes for re-connecting with our essence in all of its myriad forms savouring and appreciating our sensing, moving, and feeling in being more well in our world with others