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SECTION A - Introducing Laceweb – Informal Healing Networks and New Social Movement

The Laceweb is a social movement with a history spanning over 50 years. Starting in Australia it has spread throughout the East Asia Australasia Oceania Region. The Laceweb is an informal network of indigenous, small minority and intercultural healers.

Here are brief descriptions of the sub-pages in this Section:


o   Introduces the Laceweb and tells of the origins of the name ‘Laceweb’. Laceweb Webs and Laceweb


  • Provides glimpses of the Laceweb social movement evolving in the East Asia Oceania Australasia Region. Laceweb is at the same time an informal network of indigenous and oppressed small minority healers and nurturers and resonant others. This page contains an historical timeline of Laceweb action, an extensive list of concepts and frameworks used in the Laceweb, as well as a bibliography of some of the books and articles published about the Laceweb. Community Ways for Healing the World


  • Introduces the social phenomenon of self-help and mutual-help in tracking the evolving of the phenomenon in the SE Asia Oceania Australasia Region. It also provides a course outline using experiential learning and role-play. It also provides and suggests some readings. Self-help and Mutual Help



o   The Un-Inma Project is a fifty year plus Longitudinal Community Wellbeing Action Research Project continuing to self-evolve in the Atherton Tablelands of Tropical Far North Queensland, Australia. Un-Inma Atherton Tablelands Inma Project


o   This page sets a wide range of differing healing events that all happened around Yungaburra during one fortnight at the start of 1994. One Fortnight’s Laceweb action in the Atherton Tablelands in Jan, 1994




o   Outlines a number of ways that the Laceweb internet Site mirrors the Laceweb. Laceweb and the Laceweb Internet Site


  • Two poems written by Dr Neville Yeomans one of the founders of the Laceweb that set the scene for understanding Laceweb Action.       Inma


  • A few of Neville’s poems that provide hints of the Way. Poems




  • Dr Neville Yeomans Obituary (1927-2000) by long-term friend Peter Carroll. Obituary




  • New types of Social Movements are being formed around the world. The Laceweb as an informal network is compared with new social movements in Latin America. Looks at the potential for local and global change. Informal Networks and New Social Movements


o   A paper presented during March 2000 at the 6th International Holistic Health Conference convened by the Faculty of Medicine - Monash University in Victoria, Australia. It gives an overview of Laceweb Way including a brief introduction to socio-medicine and sociotherapy, drawing on healing ways of indigenous people from Solomon Islands, Bougainville and Australia. Wounded Healers - Wounded Group


o   Contains a set of Concepts and Frames providing a feel for Laceweb. Laceweb Concepts and Frames


o   A brief outline of the way experiential learning/transforming takes place using Laceweb unconscious processes in Eclectic Holistic Mindbody Transforming. This is contrasted with a more traditional mode of experiential learning. Experiential Learning


o   A summary of some of the Experiential Learning Experiences available through Laceweb including life competencies, basic work competencies, Living Well, Cultural Healing Artistry, Changing through Moving, Restoring personal and communal Wellness after Disasters, Wellness and Relational Mediation,  as well as processes supporting folk to become experiential learning facilitators. Healing Ways Experiential Learning



o   Other the decades there has been some significant Laceweb Documents that have evolved the theme of transforming towards a Human Environment Revolution for well futures for Planet Earth and all life forms. This page contains links to these significant documents Significant Laceweb Documents


o   Contains many photographs and a brief introduction to Laceweb Action Research into having both nature and human nature thriving carried out since the 1940s and its implications for food sustainability. Laceweb New Soil Water Harvesting and Food Forests


o   Contains a brief overview of action research into life colloid and its potential role in supporting the return of global paradise. Evolving Natural Landscape Paradises


o   An educational paper containing very important information on vitalising immunity – what cancer cells like and do not like; only giving cancer cells what they do not like, keeping blood healthy; emptying and cleansing the bile bladder and the 12 day liver flush. Vitalising Immunity


o   A paper based on PhD and post-doctoral research. It documents social action supporting global transition towards a more humane world and the Laceweb social movement's enabling of small possibilities and grassroots micro projects. It also documents socio-healing action for wellbeing. It also details the emergence and merging of therapeutic communities in the Region using self-help and mutual-help networking in everyday life. Humane Global Transitions - Therapeutic Community, Self-help Networking and Peacehealing



o   A brief overview of the Laceweb. Laceweb - A Brief Map


o   This paper outlines group processes for sharing Healing Ways evolving in Laceweb networks. It also details processes for working well with large groups and gatherings. Micro-experiences for Sharing Healing Ways


o   Contains ethics for healers and nurturers. This document was evolved though a self-help group called mediation matters during a November, 1993 Mediation Therapy Gathering near Lake Tinaroo in the Atherton Tablelands in North Queensland, Australia by North Australian Aboriginal and Islander women along with Dr Neville Yeomans. Laceweb Ethics


o   A radio script about the way Dr Neville Yeomans and others evolved a therapeutic community based network of people in Bondi Junction in the late 1980’s. This is a model for for some aspects of Laceweb action in the Region. Evolving a Dispersed Urban Therapeutic Community


o   Introduces ways of non-compromising funding of community mutual help for wellbeing sustainable global futures. Financing Sustainable Global Futures


o   A brief communiqué written by Dr Neville Yeomans on Laceweb action in the Seventies published in the first edition of Therapeutic Communities Journal in the UK. From the Outback

o   An excerpt from a paper and talk presented by Professor Elizabeth Protacio-De Castro at an International Labour Organisation Conference in 2002 in Nepal that briefly describes the Laceweb Network as one example of what has worked in the Region. The Laceweb Network

o   A way where you may support Laceweb Action. Donating to Support Laceweb Action



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