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Last updated April 2014.


Section O - Cultural Sensitive Response to Disasters



o   Shows a brief overview of Laceweb micro-project capacity to support macro endeavours preparing for and responding to major disasters. Preparing for and Responding Well to Disasters - PRWD


o   The page contains a template for preparing reports relating to psycho-social wellness conditions on the ground following man-made and natural disasters. This template assumes a frame of action consistent with fully respecting, interfacing with and supporting local mutual-help. Rapid Assessing of Local Wellness, Psycho-Social Resources & Resilience Following Disasters (RAD)                                                                         


o   Provides background information about the action research over more than fifty years that has gone into evolving the RAD template and associated documents, and experiential learning processes. Evolving RAD


o  Drawing upon Philippines experience, sets out differences between three paradigms that are used in providing aid following man-made and natural disasters; firstly, the bio-medical Model, secondly, the Social Welfare – Community Development Model, and thirdly, the Psychosocial Enabling of Self-help and Mutual-Help model. Recognising and Evolving Local-lateral Links Between Various Support Processes


o   A story of the healing ways used by humble village natural nurturer women to return to wellness after extreme stress. Regaining Balance through Mutual-Help - A Story from Life


o   Draws upon the Action Research on Resilience by Professor Violeta Bautista and her colleagues. Sets out themes for preparing RAD Assessors to readily find folk with resilience in its many forms. RAD and Resilience


o   Outlines the methodology used and the possible terms of reference for RAD Assessment of local psychosocial resources and wellness. Action Researching RAD in the Field


o   Sets out the kind of Proposal that may be received by the RAD Network seeking one or more of the RAD Network’s members to be deployed on a Rapid Assessment in an Emergency and provides important backgrounding information­­­­­. Outline of a RAD Project Proposal


o   Briefly discusses experiential learning and experiential learning environments in the context of RAD Assessing. It also provides a feel of experiential learning outcomes for natural nurturers participating in learning with others and provides a glimpse of the kinds of folk who may become involved. RAD Experiential Learning Gatherings


o   Outlines processes contributing to self-care of the RAD Teams during and after trips in the Field. Self Care of the RAD Rapid Deployment Team


o   Lists some of the contents of a possible Terms of Reference for a RAD Proposal. Possible Terms of Reference for RAD Assessment of Local Psychosocial Resources and Wellness


o   Briefly discusses responsibilities. Responsibility for Distributing RAD Reports

o   Acknowledges the processes and people involved in evolving RAD and details links to Psychnet. RAD Secretariat

o   A revised and extended copy of an actual RAD Report from a War Zone in Southern Philippines. Report from the Pikit War Zone 

o   A set of Newsletters published by Psychnet. They include Action Research throughout out the East Asia Oceania Australasia Region into healer networks among indigenous people and small minorities by Dr L Spencre of UN-Inma, a Laceweb Mutual Help Network. They also report on a Gathering in the Philippines country-side of 49 healers people from 11 countries to assess Dr Spencre’s findings and recommendations. The later newsletter reports on the results of this meeting and the following field testing in the War Zone in Southern Philippines.




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