Preparing for and Responding Well to Disasters - PRWD


Written Feb 2004, Updated April 2014.


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A comprehensive set of Laceweb resources and capacities are now available that have been researched, developed and field-tested over eleven years with multi-country multi-cultural input to professorial level.

Focus A - Strengthening Local Area Capacity

1.    For self-help and mutual help

2.    For psychosocial resourcefulness, Wellness, and resilience

3.    For sharing healing ways that work (heal as in make whole)

4.    For evolving local area networks amongst healers

5.    Able to have a Culture of Continual Improving in Strengthening Capacity

Focus B - Preparing Teams Able to Do Local Rapid Assessment of Capacity in Disaster Contexts

1.    Able to quickly link into the above four capacities in the disaster area

2.    Able to competently use an extensive template to quickly gain accurate information

3.    Able to quickly prepare accurate informative relevant reports for outside Aid bodies

4.    Able to quickly link incoming Aid bodies into the local area capacity

5.    Able to have a Culture of Continual Improving in Rapid Assessment of Capacity

Processes Used in Developing the PRWD Program

1.    More than 36 inter-country trips to disaster affected areas by small teams of Post-Doctoral and Post-Graduate action researchers.

2.    More than 36 post-trip briefing reports and meetings

3.    More than 20 Experiential Learning Healing gatherings of Disaster Affected People

4.    Trips to eight countries to find, link up and support Healer Networks

5.    Post-Doctoral Action Researcher heading Program writing/review team with Professorial oversight.

6.    56 highly competent healers flying in from eleven counties for Program Review meeting

7.    Post Review rewrite of the Program

8.    Field Trip by Rapid Assessment Team to disaster affected area sending stream of briefing reports (refer Un-Inma Pikit Fieldtrip Report)

9.    Rewrite of Program based upon Field Trip Experience

Facilitators and Resource Materials are available to prepare a Large Team of Experiential Learning Facilitators to rollout a Program countrywide. Materials and full support are now available under Renewable Five Year Licence.

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