Responsibility for the Distribution of RAD Reports


                                             Written 2009. Updated April, 2014.

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Responsibility for the Distribution of RAD Reports



RAD is the Laceweb Documentation supporting Rapid Assessment in Disaster Contexts of Psycho-social Wellness Resources and Resilience in its many forms.


RAD Assessors must take no action that harms or even potential harms anyone. If there is any chance of harm then the relevant people’s details are not passed on.


Distribution of the RAD Report is the responsibility of the organisation or government that commissions it.


Laceweb intercultural enablers are available for supporting entities in Intercultural Interfacing and may be available to act as relational mediator on the ground in affected areas (refer Relational Mediation and the Daughter on Bail story for an introduction to relational mediation.



RAD is an important process for the rapid assessment of the wellness, resilience, competency, and psycho-social resources and ways of local populations during and after natural and man-made disasters and conflicts.


The RAD Template and associated resources may be used in both the emergency phase and in ongoing unstable post-conflict/ post disaster contexts.


The RAD report will include recommendations for the enabling, evolving, supporting and sustaining of local action by locals in self-help and mutual help towards wellbeing as appropriate to context as local affected people see it.


The RAD Report details available individual, family, and community strengths and human, financial, and material resources, including political support. It will provide useful cultural, religious, and ethnic elements to be considered for both the refugee and other populations affected by conflict/disaster and the host community or communities.


Recommendations made in the report are directed to outsiders in how they may aim at bridging emergency support to longer-term actions and development in supporting the locals.




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