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A family and community healing movement spreading from Australasia through the East Asia Oceania Region evolving and enriching all aspects of wellbeing


Written 1993. Last updated: April 2014.

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Laceweb remains a new form of social movement evolving in the Australasia Oceania SE Asia Region since the 1950s.

This new form of social movement is an informal Laceweb of healers from among the most downtrodden and most disadvantaged marginal people of the world.

The name ‘Laceweb’ emerges from a natural outback Australian phenomenon. One may go to sleep in a tent on the side of the road in the dry desert regions of Western Queensland. Waking in the morning and looking out of the tent one may see the low gorse bush (about fifty centimetres high) appearing to be covered by snow as far as the eye can see. What has happened is that during the night, millions of tiny spiders have floated in on thin webs, drifting in the slightly moving air. The continuous, immense web the spiders have spun overnight stretches to the horizon in all directions. It has a very Yin, very feminine energy reminiscent of lace, and hence ‘Laceweb’. Here is one expressing of the Laceweb energy:

‘The Laceweb evidences the manifesting of a massive local co-operative endeavour. Not carved in stone, rather – soft, light, and pliably fitting the locale and made by locals to suit their needs. Like the spider web, the Laceweb appears out of nowhere. When you discover it, it would have already surrounded you. Exquisitely beautiful and lovely. When you have eyes that see it, the play of reflectent light upon it in the morning sunlight is extra-ordinary. It attracts and stores the dew in little beads. Like the desert web, the Laceweb extends way beyond the horizon. Suspended in space with links to shifting things - no solid foundations here. Embracing no centre and no part ‘in charge’ though having charge; and in this sense, no aspect higher or lower than any other. Not what it first seems. At the same time riddled with holes, whole and holy. Merging within the surrounding ecosystem and laying low. In one sense delicate - in another resilient. Bits easily damaged. However, to remove it all would be well nigh impossible. Formed through covalent bonding between its formers and within its form. (Covalent – from the Latin imperative Latin ‘valentia’ – to be well, to be strong. ‘Co-valence’ is to be strongly bonded together in mutual attraction.) An attractant. Local action may repair local damage. Very functional. What the locals need. And helping to sustain them. That desert web – perhaps a perfect metaphor for this Laceweb movement.

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