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Written 1992. Last update Oct, 2019



Evolving Laceweb


Over the decades, there has been extensive documenting of Laceweb Action Research. Among these are the following significant documents:


1971 Hand written file-note by Dr Yeomans setting out processes for Epochal Change. Mental Health and Social Change  


1974 Paper by Dr Yeomans setting out possible futures for the next 250 years. On Global Reform and International Normative Model Areas (Inma)


1992 Laceweb Document framing norms and values in local-lateral bottom-up wellness action for reconstituting collapsing societies (latest rewrite July 2014). Governance and Law



1993 Document by Dr Yeoman and others differentiating government service delivery and community mutual-help action for wellness. Governments and the Facilitation of Community Grassroots Wellbeing Action 



1999 Document detailing local-lateral bottom-up processes for reconstituting collapsed societies. Extegrity - Guidelines for Joint Partner Proposal Application



2014 Paper exploring ways for evolving and realising human potential – personally, interpersonally, communally, inter-communally, culturally and interculturally. It also explores accessing and increasing the capacity of the unconscious mind. Realising Human Potential


Precursor Books:


Yeomans, P. A. (1955). The Keyline Plan, Yeoman's Publishing - Internet Source Accessed 1 October 2005.



Yeomans, P. A. (1958b). The Challenge of Landscape: The Development and Practice of Keyline. - Internet Source -



Yeomans, P. A. (1971b). The City Forest: The Keyline Plan for the Human Environment Revolution (especially the forward and Chapter One – The Human Environment Revolution. Internet Source -


A Set of Six Books for Embracing Laceweb Way


The following six E-Books may provide some embodied knowing of the Way used in the Laceweb within the framing of the Poem by Dr Neville Yeomans:


            The Way

is search for

the way



Whither Goeth the World of Human Futures – A 4 E-book Biography of the Life Work of Dr Neville Yeomans (4 Volumes)


Coming to Ones Senses - By the Way (2 volumes)



Transforming to Wellness


The transforming to wellness woven into the 130 stories from life in the above E-Books draws upon the bodyminds potentials explored in the following links:


Flexibility and Habit   


Transforming the Whole of It – Applying Brain Research   


Healing the Mindbody   


Walking and Free Energy   





The following three sites detail examples of moving beyond maintaining at present state, i.e. ‘sustainability’, towards thriving states in people, communities, and nature.


Laceweb Water Harvesting New Soil and Food Forests   

Evolving Natural Landscape Paradises

Thriving Nature – Thriving Human Nature


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