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o   Provides a brief list of the contents of the Healing Ways Encyclopaedia - the link below this one. An Overview of the Healing Ways Encyclopaedia


o   An Encyclopaedia of Healing Ways. Contains a large body of practical and easy to learn healing processes and micro-experiences used in the Laceweb - worth the wait. Healing Ways Encyclopaedia


o   A resource contain five simple and potent experiences helping people concentrate - concentrating at school and university; staying focused in demanding work contexts; being in and staying in the zone in sports; attending and listening during important meetings’; stopping the chatter in the mind; concentrating on memory and recall; concentrating on mind-based activities, as well as having complete refreshing breaks away from concentrating. Concentrating


o   A brief discussion about competence in Attending, Listening and Remembering. Then there is a set of Experiences for increasing capacity and effectiveness in using these three effectively. Attending, Listening and Remembering




o   Living is very different to just existing. Living is experienced as awareness of being. This page enables you to have a daily brief experience of awareness. In so doing others have found that their life is enriched by an expanding awareness of being. Some keep a daily journal of their changing experience. Living



o   Explores aspects of local cultural/artistic expression for healing and enriching wellbeing - communal self help action. Tapping into the healing wellbeing power of all forms of cultural expression – drawing, drama, dance, music, percussion, sculpture, drumming, chanting and the like. Gives many examples that you may want to explore with your friends. Descriptions of processes used within the Laceweb - an informal healing network through the East Asia Oceania Australasia Region. Laceweb - Cultural Healing Action


o   Examples of using Therapeutic Binds and Double Binds - from the healing work of Dr. Neville Yeomans.
Therapeutic Binds and Double Binds


o   Simple and powerful healing ways within group and communal contexts. Includes processes for working well with very large groups.                  Laceweb - Healing Group Process



o   Combines Dr Neville Yeomans and his father’s concept of using the free energy in the system and Feldenkrais’ Awareness of Awareness in discovering how to use the free energy of gravity to walk effortlessly with grace and elegance. Walking and Free Energy


o   This page distinguishes between using a medical model for symptom elimination and using Holistic Functional Integrating. Holistic Functional Integrating




o   This page contains a number of structured experiences focusing on the healing power of love in the context of forgiving.
Exploring the Healing Power of Love


o   Contains a brief list of aspects relating to the preparation and delivery of public talks as well as being interviewed and being an interviewer. Laceweb - Public Speaking Checklist


o   Contains three mantras that may contribute towards increasing connectedness and integration. Firstly a Wellbeing Mantra, secondly an Integrating Mantra, and thirdly, a Connecting and Integrating Mantra. Wellness Mantras


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