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The material in the Laceweb Pages on the Internet may be suggestive of the rich implications of the Laceweb movement. Laceweb Internet viewers have a 'privileged point of penetration' in being privy to a mass of 'inside' information about the Laceweb. While much of the literature and other references as well as events, festivals and gatherings quoted in these Laceweb pages are in the public domain, never before has the inter-relatedness and connectedness of this material been revealed so that some of the patterns and processes may become visible, along with their links to practical action. This partial big picture would be news to almost anyone in the Laceweb as well. Even so, the Laceweb on the Internet is only a tiny glimpse. Most of what happens in the Laceweb will never appear on the Internet.

The Laceweb is in many respects atypical as a social movement when compared with other movements. There is no process of 'becoming a member'. People may be part of it without knowing. You never really 'know' whether you are in the Laceweb and yet you may well be certain that you are. Other's may not be sure about you at all. Information about the Laceweb may be withheld. Up to the posting of these pages, very few would have a sense of the full richness of possibilities of the Laceweb. Few know the richness of the Laceweb's past (for example, some of this richness shows up in the content of the Laceweb Timeline in Communal Ways for Healing the World and in Inma Project.

The time-frames of thinking of some within the Laceweb are 300 to 500 years. For some the major challenge is surviving till tomorrow. Some Laceweb people contemplate Global Reform. Others are concerned with surviving the day. Refer On Global Reform.

The Laceweb differs from Utopian movements that typically hold up a preplanned unified abstract ideal. The Laceweb is very 'short' on 'grand theory'. The Laceweb way is - 'use local wisdoms and knowings - act and check outcomes - repeat what works - go for what's missing in our local wellbeing'. Each 'local' may be different.

The meta-outcome in each 'local' may be a tentative, or even a sustained move to a world where our particular local wellbeing needs are fully met - a utopia. So there may be many possible utopias in the making - not preplanned, not as 'pious hopes' and 'grand illusions' - rather, as experienced wellbeing grounded in practical action.

An example of this focus on possible local action is the Laceweb document Self-Help Action Supporting Survivors Of Torture And Trauma in SE Asia, Oceania and Australasia .

A more micro example of possible local action is the energy evolving around a safe haven in Cairns Northern Australia - refer Evolving a SE Asia Pacific Self Help Trauma Support Intercultural Network - A Small Micro-Proposal.

This 'action' frame applies at the micro-level as well. For example, during the Bondi Junction Dispersed Therapeutic Community 'sharing' days, anyone enabling a group session had 90 seconds to have people 'doing', and learning by doing. 'Show ponies' who wanted to show off their grand theories got a wind-up at 60 seconds, and told to give up at ninety seconds if they were still talking. 'Watch how others do it and have another go next time!'

Refer Radio TC International, 2009d. Evolving a Dispersed Urban Wellbeing Community. Internet Source Sighted 23 Aug 2009.


Also Refer Audio Program 12.


Also Refer Radio TC International, 2009c. Beyond the Therapeutic Community - Healing Sunday and Nurturing Community Action for Global Wellbeing.  Internet Source Sighted 20 Oct 2012.


Most Laceweb people only know a minute part of the Laceweb. Some have a sense that it may be extensive but have no knowledge of who or where people are, and it may be difficult or impossible to find out. The Laceweb Internet pages do not help. People may accept that information may be on a 'need to know' and that there may be good reason for this and that this is okay. There is no central or even decentralised organisation that anyone can 'join' or 'represent'. It is more that one person or a small subgroup of locals enter into aspects of the Laceweb milieu - a milieu fundamentally different in many respects to the local one. Initially, others within the local community may have no knowledge of this Laceweb milieu. It just seems that, for example, 'a few women in our community have stopped children sniffing petrol and that's a good thing'.

In contrast to this micro action, the processes suggested in some Laceweb Projects and Plans hold forth the possibilities that whole villages and groups of villages may become involved in joint healing action.

Far beyond this are hints of massive application of Laceweb processes – for rapid response to disasters in firstly, assessing local psychosocial resources and resilience, and secondly, evolving capacity and competence in doing things that dominant system service delivery fails to do because ‘service delivery resources are stretched beyond capacity. 

Beyond this again are macro processes for the re-constituting societies after some regional or global catastrophe or disaster.  Laceweb way draws upon indigenous and small oppressed minority wisdoms about nurturing love care and respect enriching wellness of folk and Earth cooperating well together in jointly evolving wise local regional and global societal frameworks.

The Laceweb, while being the stuff of deep subjectivity, has been, and continues to be, subject to rigorous empirical research. Some of the key enablers are currently engaged in Laceweb related research at the Masters and Ph.D. level. For example - refer Wounded Healer - Wounded Group and Flexibility and Habit.

A Bougainville Laceweb person is another Ph.D. Student. That research topic is Self-Help Therapeutic Community Wellness Models within Indigenous Communities. The Laceweb Self-Help Model is a central part of that research.

Many books and research papers have been published on the Laceweb - refer the Bibliography in Communal ways for Healing the World.

The Laceweb may be little known in part because Laceweb folk have found 'progress' could best be made in remote places with little or no fanfare. While the Laceweb had its origins in part in Keyline (water harvesting), it is understood that virtually no one using Keyline concepts around the World would know of the Laceweb.

The Laceweb is now moving into its fifth generation people. P. A. Yeomans was a catalyst. Dr. Neville Yeomans, P. A.'s son, has been at the forefront of the second generation. Many others are the third generation. And now, two younger cohorts are active. Four generations are there to tap into. This next phase of the movement may present different and more challenging pressures.

Indigenous people as 'hindrance to development' and 'embarrassment to governments' are increasingly on the agenda in Australia and around the world. Global governance bodies and some governments are starting to legislate that transnationals have to comply abroad with the same environmental standards as in their home countries.

Extensive Laceweb links have been happening supporting the evolving Laceweb healing networks on Bougainville.

Amelia Renouf has written of 'therapeutic' or 'relational' mediating as been the uneasy 'sixth step' in mediating (Renouf A. 1992). An extensive set of processes and micro-experiences relating to Mediation Therapy and counselling therapy has been evolving within the Laceweb. A overview of some of these micro-experiences is contained in the following Pages:

An Overview of the Healing Ways Encyclopaedia

Healing the Mindbody

The Laceweb movement may be well placed to be a source of mediation therapy within cross culture conflict contexts as well as supporting contexts balancing indigenous and small minorities relating with governments and transnationals.

The existence of a small, strange and interesting social movement out of the remote parts of Northern Australia foster nurturing of community self help healing ways, Intercultural Normative Model Areas (INMAs) and humane local governance processes is known to various Governments, to many UN bodies, to some in the World Council of Churches, the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation (UNPO),  and other global bodies as well as academics. Certain ones within the Laceweb are now of the opinion that it may be high tide in the ebb and flow of things that aspects of the Laceweb Movement be holistically recorded - hence this internet material is one such attempt.

Processes for raising consciousness are passing along networks in the East Asia Oceania Australasia Region and further field. Refer the paper Realising Human Potential.


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