Holistic Functional Integrating


Written Aug, 2014.


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Medical Model



Linear Algorithm


Symptom-based diagnose and prescribe


Symptom eliminating


Dysfunction to be eliminated


Therapist as expert and decision maker


Eliminating Problem



Problem as noun a thing






Problem view as something to be stopped




Holistic Functional Integrating


Holistic engaging


Relating with holistic system



Phenomena as guides to context and action


What are the dysfunctions functions


Healing (making whole) as supporting other



Increasing integral wellbeing



Dysfunction as integrated habitual phenomenal response pattern often with critical trigger commencing the pattern


Refer: http://www.laceweb.org.au/hea.htm#stra


Dysfunctioning as integral to conscious and non-conscious being





Refer Coming to Ones Senses By the Way for examples of Holistic Functional Integrating in action.



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