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Section Q – A Set of Radio programs on Dr Neville Yeomans’ Life Work and on some applications of the processes he helped to evolve





  • Outlines aspects of the Fraser House process such that TC pioneer Maxwell Jones would describe Fraser House as a place where personal evolution was inevitable. Program Four - Ethics and Group Process


  • A story of how Neville used high expressed emotion to create threat, danger and confusion creating bifurcation leading to a increase in system capacity. Program Five - Going Berserk











The Serenity Suite Series


The Following set of Programs are part of the Serenity Suite Series and they are designed to discover how we can become more relaxed in our face and jaw and throughout our body and mind.


These programs emerged in part from the action research carried out during the Healing Sunday Gatherings held in Bondi Junction in Sydney in the late 1980s - explored in Program Twelve. They draw upon the latest understandings of neuro-psychology and mind-body interaction as well as Yoga Nidra processes and the life work of Dr Milton Erickson and Moshe Feldenkrais. People interested in learning how to use these processes may want to use these programs as an opportunity to learn the patterns in language and paralinguistics. Also refer Flexibility and Habit and Healing Ways Encyclopaedia.


As these may lead to profoundly relaxed states these are never to be used while driving or engaging in any activity requiring your attention and full presence.


After you have finished the relaxing experience and before you drive or get going again it is better to do those things you do to become very present again.


Those interested in healing language may want to use these following programs to spot the language patterns being used.



o   Many people are living with tension in the jaw and the many aspects that flow from this and here is a tape that may enable you to discover how you can let go of all of this tension and become very relaxed in the face and jaw. Program Fifteen - Relaxing the Jaw 01



o   This is the second Program that allows you to let go and become very relaxed in the face and Jaw. Program Sixteen - Relaxing the Jaw 02



o   In the very busy lives many of us lead it may be a very good thing to take 5 minutes or so to have a very profound short relax so we can regain energy and verve read to live life well – energised and refreshed. Program Seventeen - A Brief Slowdown 01






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