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Section J - Feedback


o   A copy of the report on the 1994 Laceweb 'Small Island, Coastal and Estuarine People Gathering Celebration', a happening funded by the Human Rights Commission of the UN. This report gives a description of the types of healing actions that happened. Aboriginal, Islander, Small minority and intercultural people attended from remote regions of Australia. Report to the UN on the Laceweb 'Small Island Gathering'


o   Ideas are evolving for a follow-on Gathering to the 'Small Island Gathering', an international event held in the Atherton Tablelands Australia during 1994 (refer previous page). This second Gathering, resonant with the UN 'Year of the Oceans', may be in preparation for a proposed United Nations General Assembly session on 'Small Island Developing States' in 1999 or 2000. The Small Island Gathering


o   This is a report of a 1992 Gathering in Far North Queensland Australia about establishing therapeutic community among indigenous people. Many learnings are shared. All is not as it first seems. While set up as a healing sharing, all manner of cross-cultural and intra-cultural conflicts, misunderstandings and 'sticky mess' quickly engulf everyone. Mob psychology, crowd manipulation, stampeding, power plays and dominant/dominated cultural ruptures abound. And in all of this goo there are magic moments and scope for potent understandings about getting beyond cultural imposition towards intercultural healing. LACEWEB - Developing Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander Drug and Substance Abuse Therapeutic Communities



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