In Celebrating the Seventh Anniversary of the Small Island Coastal and Estuarine People Gathering Celebration


The Second SE Asia Oceania Australasia Trauma Survivors Support Network Healing Sharing Gatherings



Written July, 2001. Last updated Aug 2914. 


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The Laceweb is an informal network of psychosocial healers evolving among SE Asian Oceania and Australasian indigenous and disadvantaged small minorities and interculturals. In July 2001 in Cairns Australia there were a series of Laceweb actions within a mutual help support group expanding participants experience envelop. The Healing Sharing Gathering was attended by survivors of torture and trauma - Bougainvillians and other Papua New Guineans, West Papuans, East Timorese, as well as interculturals from Brazil, Ireland, Finland and Australia.

This site contains a photo-record of the above Gatherings comprising 90 photographs.

They can be seen in two forms. Firstly in 9 pages of 10 photos. By holding the cursor on a photo, additional text appears. By clicking on any photo a larger version appears. You may use the next/previous tabs or the index tabs to move through the photos.

Following the Gathering, some attendees visited with Aboriginals Geoff Guest and his partner Norma at Petford Aboriginal Training Farm 170 kms inland from Cairns. For more than two decades Geoff and Norma have been supporting at risk Aboriginal, Islander and other youth. Possibilities were explored for drawing on Geoff and Norma's experience in supporting youth in post conflict contexts in the Region.



A Summary of Healing Ways experienced at the Gathering in Cairns in July 2001 is included at the end of the photo-record.

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Laceweb Action - July 2001

Being curious
The youth around the Moorobool Community Centre are very curious about the Healing Gathering. Every day of the Gathering they link informally with attendees. Supporting children who are trauma survivors in the attendees' respective countries is a central theme of the Gatherings. Informal interacting with the local children around the venue provides scope to engage in wellbeing exchanges.

A regular and a mural
This young fellow is regularly linking with attendees during the Gathering. Attendees comprise West Papuans, Bougainvillians and other PNG people, as well as people from Finland, Brazil and East Timor.

The Gatherings enabled community building between trauma survivors from three conflict areas in  Australia's near North - among East Timorese, West Papuans and Bougainvillians.

Before lunch
The local children living around the Gathering venue are mainly Aboriginals, Torres Strait Islanders and Pacific Islanders.

Our Brazilian colleague enables attendees to explore dance and movement as a part of Cultural Healing Action during the day.

A Brazilian dance move
A number of movement approaches to healing are shared by Laceweb enablers including Feldenkrais, Functional Integration, Awareness Through Movement and other body healing ways.

One of the Bougainvillian visitors
Attendees experience how healing ways may be engaged in during all aspects of everyday life.  Ways are experienced for helping ourselves and mutually helping each other in mutually re-constituting our shared social-life-world.

Play as healing
Ways of reconnecting with playfulness and other resource states such as joy, confidence, pleasure, engrossment, empathy and the like is woven through the seven days of the Gathering.

Irish and PNG attendees
The Gathering focuses on healing support for women and children. Equal numbers of males and females are attending.

Healing moments in everyday life
Using opportunities for healing in street and other everyday contexts is one aspect that is explored. For example, healing moments may occur as people pass on the mountain trail.


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