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In talking about energy-in-action in his various outreaches, Dr Neville Yeomans used the term ‘functional matrix’. Neville said (Nov, 1993) that he used this term to refer to the ‘generative and formative developing and shaping of functions and fields or foci of Laceweb action’.


Neville had sustained Fraser House during 1959-1968 as tentative and transitional. He resisted having anything he did being categorised and put into little boxes. Creating all of his functional matrices allowed him to talk and act without being pinned down to definitive specifics, which would in his view, limit and distort.


Some Laceweb self-help and mutual-help functional matrices are listed below - most of them dating back to the late Sixties and early Seventies. It is not exhaustive and there is overlap between categories.

These different functional matrices are more theme-based energy-in-action that appears for a time and then disappears, somewhat like sub-atomic particles in quantum physics – disappearing and re-appearing elsewhere. They are not a thing like a club or an organisation that you can belong to. They are doings – energy in action.






AKAME                      Grandmother and me

Youth and adolescent support

Cultural healing action

Healing Storytelling

                                    Alternatives to criminal and psychiatric incarceration

Stopping youth and adolescent civil and criminal law breaking



CADRES                   Community theatre

Community wellbeing

Social justice

Therapeutic mediating

Alternative dispute resolving


CHUMS                     Caring and Helping Unmarried Mothers:





Experience sharing

Work opportunities




CODA                        Disability action and the arts


DANZACTS              Alternatives to prisons

Cultural healing action

Combatant’s return to civilian life

Healing dance, drama & the arts

Healing festivals and camp-outs


ENTREATIES          Intercultural enabling

                                    Exploring intercultural humane values

                                    Peacehealing protocols


EESOS                      Fostering emergence in self-organizing systems

                                    Intercultural interfacing and intercultural mediating

                                    Identifying and using system free energy

                                    Fostering business wellbeing

                                    Enabling emergence of natural phenomena


EXTEGRITY             Supporting grassroots community following societal collapse

                                    Intra-state cultural Keyline

Funding support for civil society re-constituting

Fostering caring partnerships between prior conflicted peoples

Supporting survivors of torture and trauma (natural/man-made)

Support for reconstituting local grassroots community

Mentoring social ecology on Inma Projects


FAMILY NEXUS      Nurturing Wellbeing:




Integrated local area planning and action by locals


FUNPO                      Youth action

Youth employment and skilling

Youth healing festivals

Youth sport dance art and culture


INMA                          Caring


Fostering emergent properties



Seeding possibilities



Inter-cultural Normative Model Areas



KEYLINE                  Originally:



  Eco-villages & eco-habitat

  Edible landscaping

  Oasifying deserts and arid areas



  Water harvesting

  Thriving New soil generating

  Local Energy Transfer Systems (LETS)

  Thriving communities & farming


            Function and foci extended to:


                                    Producing and distributing documents, papers, communications photos, stickers, films and other, cultural and artistic materials and productions


Enhancing community cooperation and mutual support, locality, self respect, friendliness, creativity, culturally appropriate peaceful nationalism and multinational regional cooperation


Life food producing and consuming


Assisting other bodies with similar aims


MEDIATION              Relational Mediating

MATTERS                Mediation Therapy

                                    Mediating as alternative to adversarial law

Home, street and rural mediation therapy and mediation counselling


MINGLES                  Celebrating and re-creating

Community wellbeing

Evolving and sustaining new friendships

Social networking

Parties and Gatherings


Enriching families

Healing language


NELPS                      Accommodation

Community education

Ecological psycho-linguistics

Natural Living Processes

Natural Learning Processes

Employment and skilling

Income security

Personal wellbeing


NEXUS GROUPS   Intercultural healing action

(CONNEXION)         Intercultural Keyline

Intercultural humane legal processes

Intercultural social networks

Linking to global governance

Truth, reconciling and accepting

Healing Storytelling


UN-INMA                   Cultural Keyline

Cultural Healing Action

Quick response healing teams

                                    Supporting torture and trauma survivors

Alternatives to criminal and psychiatric incarcerating

Therapeutic community

Healing Storytelling

Evolving enablers

Enabling networking



Each of the names in the above list has significance. Neville had checked on the derivations of the words and terms he had in the Laceweb Functional Matrix names:


AKAME                      Aka’ is Torres Strait Islander for Grandmother; hence the connotation is ‘me and my (wise) grandmother’


CADRES                   From Latin ‘quadrum’, a square; meaning ‘a function’ or’ scheme’; the ADR connotes ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’


CHUMS                     Colloquial for good friends

Caring and Helping Unmarried Mums


CODA                        From Latin ‘cauda’ meaning ‘tail’; an adjunct to the close of a composition; CoDA Latin ‘co’ from ‘cum’, meaning ‘with’, and DA connoting Disability Action


CONNEXION            From Latin ‘connectere’ – to join, link, unite, associate, closely relate, coherent, having the power of connecting; link to Old English ‘connexity’ meaning simultaneously being inter-dependent, inter-related, inter-woven, and inter-connected; also links to ‘Keypoint’ as themes conducive to coherence.


DANZACTS              Connoting ‘dance acts’; combatant’s return to civilian life (in working with a member of the Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA) and other Bougainville and West Papuan traumatized refugees in 2001, dance was rated the most useful in the healing ways we explored); Therapeutic Community.


ENTREATIES          From Old French ‘entraiter’ – to ask earnestly; the word ‘treaties’ is embedded


EESOS                      Enabling emergence in self-organizing systems


EXTEGRITY             Connoting ‘extensive integrity’. It is possible that Neville knew of the term ‘tensegrity’ connoting ‘integrity through tension’ and used this to derive ‘extegrity’.


FUNPO                      At Yungaburra where Funpo started it stood for the ‘Fun Post Office’; all the children of the little town were exchanging letters with each other gratis by sending them to Funpo. It also stands for Friends of UNPO, the Unrepresented Nations and People Organization in The Hague.


INMA                          ‘Inma’ is a special word for the Central Australian Aborigines. Neville had obtained their permission to use it. It has many meanings including ‘oneness’, ‘a coming together’, and ‘being together’. In Ma connotes ‘in ma’ – ‘in the mother’ and has similar connotation to the word ‘matrix’. The Torres Strait Island word ‘Ini’ also means, ‘being together’; INMA also stood for International/ Intercultural Normative Model Areas (Yeomans 1974)


KEYLINE                  From father’s Keyline


MINGLES                  Mingle: to mix together, to blend with, to associate


NELPS                      A play on ‘help’; NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or Neville’s terms for NLP, namely, ‘Natural Learning Processes’, and ‘Natural Living Processes’


UN-INMA                   Unique (Indigenous) Networks - International/Intercultural/Interpersonal Normative Model Areas


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