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Updated Oct 2015.


Section H - Therapeutic Community and Healing Storytelling


o   For over 20 years Geoff and Norma Guest have been enabling indigenous and other youth transform their lives in remote Australian outback settings. Petford Youth Camp is centred around caring for and working with horses. Geoff Guests Petford Youth Camp


o   The October 2015 newsletter of the Petford Wellness Association. Petford Wellness Newsletter Oct 2015


o   Geoff Guest as an eleven-year-old Stolen Generation boy makes a solitary 7,000 km outback odyssey to be reunited with mother and family. Old Man - His youth as a Stolen Generation Member


o   Introduces some of the ways that healers have used in the weaving of their stories through the ages. Many ways are introduced with examples along with a structured group experience for developing healing storytelling skills. An article reproduced in the Canadian First People’s magazine ‘Healing Words. The Healing Art of Storytelling


o   Take a glimpse into the healing ways of a traditional Australian Aboriginal Healer - Old Man Geoff Guest. He combines the healing ways of the ages with the very latest understandings from neuro psycho biology. The Healing Ways of Old Man


o   An example of the sustained use of therapeutic ways in everyday life. Old Man is engaged in changework with a nine year old boy addressing behaviours linked to Attention Deficit Disorder and Tourette Syndrome. Old man’s healing ways are modelled, enabling a glimpse into the patterns and processes used. More of the Healing Ways of Old Man



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