We who undersign this document have come together in a Celebratory Gathering at (place):


on (date):


We realise that what we have begun here, and what we will generate from what has begun here, has drawn out of our dreams a shared reality coming from sensing our differences, diversity, commonality, and common origin. This shared reality has strengthened us through the difficulties of diversity, attitudes, and lifestyles. We have shared something so deep and abiding, that not one of us who has shared this experience will leave without being deeply transformed. We have reached into each other here and found ourselves. We have in a few short days, broken through into a consciousness that is so powerful in its newness, that it is as yet difficult to describe. We are the ones who will carry what was once a dream, and continue it as a reality. No words can say what we are. No words can tell the impact we shall achieve as examples of what happened here; we are the ones, and we no longer need words. Given our shared experience and yearning that others may share in this, we have given our energy to the words in this GLOBAL GUIDING PRINCIPLES document. We have been extending a consciousness of ourselves, each other, and of future possibilities for thriving on Earth. We realise that we can act together in connecting with others around the world in actions leading to well futures - towards evolving our world together wherein all nature and human nature is thriving and remains so into a beautiful future for our planet and all life upon it.

This GLOBAL GUIDING PRINCIPLES document has been imagined into existence in celebratory gatherings. Being Signatories to this GLOBAL GUIDING PRINCIPLES document is evidence of inter-people agreement to collaborate in evolving a better life for all life on planet earth. We recognize that in the transforming flowing from being Signatories to the GLOBAL GUIDING PRINCIPLES document, people in different parts of the world will, in parallel, be writing and signing different and specific treaties redressing matters and reconciling those people involved in forming these other treaties.

Other Celebratory Gatherings and forums by folk add their momentum towards thriving people living well together on a thriving earth. Having experienced living well together during the Celebratory Gathering in caring ways, Signatories pledge to live in accord with this GLOBAL GUIDING PRINCIPLES document in collaborative compassionate action towards lasting peace and harmony.





Guiding Principle 1.    Signatories recognise and affirm that the wellness of earth and people is the Guiding Principle for all laws, and pledge the use of this Guiding Principle in all actions including any contributing to drafting, redrafting, repealing, or ratifying of all laws and regulations.


Guiding Principle 2.    In order to promote local regional and global co-operating, and to achieve peacefulness, balance and harmony, ecological quality and abundance, economic wellbeing, and social and political justice; and the love, equity, friendship, freedom, prosperity, and abundance that flows from these value priorities in wise action, We signatories undertake to:

a)            Respect and preserve the unalienable rights of all women, children, and men such as are recognised as inherent to the human condition, and support others to do the same.

b)            Recognise and protect unalienable rights by embracing this Global Guiding Principles document in any contributing to drafting, redrafting, repealing, and ratifying any laws and regulations, as well as in conduct towards sustaining the wellness of earth. Examples of respecting and preserving unalienable rights are evolving as we continue to realise human potential.

Guiding Principle 3.    We Signatories will:

a)                 Live for our fellow women, children and men in engaging in behaviours fostering the flow of love and peace in our lives together

b)                Show compassion and generosity towards all

c)                 Support others when help is required

d)                Be honest in what we say and do, and

e)                 Freely pass on transforming processes that work

Guiding Principle 4.    We Signatories will:


a.          recognise, support, and contribute towards the emergence of a new caring spirit within the social aspects of life throughout earth


b.          evolve new types of economic, political, and financial ways that:


                                                                                                                                                                             i.          fosters people’s potential,

                                                                                                                                                                           ii.          provides access to equity, and

                                                                                                                                                                         iii.          respects  people’s self-determination and unalienable rights

towards more life, joy, and wellbeing in our living, and towards transformational consciousness raising - recognising that this has been extensively happening at the margins for ages.


Guiding Principle 5.    As co-creators and energisers of this document we by our own freewill, undertake to live in accordance with the Global Guiding Principles and to support others to do the same.

Guiding Principle 6.    We signatories support the writing and signing of differing specific treaties towards redressing matters and reconciling those people involved in forming these other treaties.

Guiding Principle 7.    We signatories recognize (a) that there is diversity and difference between people and (b) that both profoundly enrich our individual, communal, and collective experience. We also recognize the emergence of a new paradigm of global wellness flourishing on earth. We agree to share successful processes that support this evolving new paradigm among all people who may use or adapt them for global, continental, regional or local contexts.

Guiding Principle 8.    We undertake to uphold the Global Guiding Principles and always apply the Global Guiding Principles, and respect and preserve planet earth in all its richness towards safeguarding peace, harmony, abundance, and prosperity for future generations.



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The Signatories to the GLOBAL GUIDING PRINCIPLES document pledge themselves to co-operate and collaborate with one another to carry out promoting of universal respect for and observance of unalienable rights, and


In signing this Addendum TO THE GLOBAL GUIDING PRINCIPLES document We signatories recognise, affirm, and agree to live by the Global Guiding Principles:


Signed at:                                                               




By the following parties: