A Possible
Second SE Asia Oceania Australasia Small Island, Estuarine and
Coastal Waters People Healing Trauma Gathering
in NE Australia

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Written 1995. Last updated April 2014.


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The events and gatherings outlined for June and July 2000 in the following sections all occurred.

One write up of the action is contained in Communal Ways for Healing the World under the date 16 June 2000.



Ideas are evolving for a June 2000 Following-on Gathering to an international event held in the Atherton Tablelands during June 1994. The proposed gathering may be called The Second SE Asia Oceania Australasia Small Island, Estuarine and Coastal Waters People Healing Trauma Gathering. The first gathering in 1994 was funded by the United Nations Human Rights Commission.

The proposed Gathering may be hosted by Bougainvillians, East Timorese, West Papuans and Hmong Vietnamese people living in the Cairns district of NE Australia. The proposed theme for the gathering is 'Supporting Survivors of Torture and Trauma. The hosts are all people who are themselves survivors of trauma

The Gathering can be in support of the June 26 UN Day Supporting Victims of Torture and Trauma as well as the UN International Year for the Culture of Peace and the thanksgiving to remember cultural diversity in developing a rich and harmonious international life and 'the importance of gratitude in the personal and civil life of every human being'.




         Evolving Possibilities





         Facilities and Amenities



Around 500 attended the First Gathering back in 1994. UNHRC provided seed money. The Gathering was one small practical follow-on to the first Conference on Small Island States. This was held by the United Nations in the Caribbean in April 1994.

This proposed June 2000 Following-on Gathering is evolving as a much smaller gathering focused on the sharing of healing ways in supporting survivors of torture and trauma. Around 30 may attend.

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Ideas are evolving for a following-on to the 1994 Gathering during June 2000

The word is beginning to spread throughout the Region.

The Laceweb has been evolving among healers with aboriginal, islander, small minority and intercultural backgrounds. It takes an enabling role in wellbeing action.

Laceweb is not connected with any political group, faction or religion. It respects spiritual and cultural diversity. The Laceweb may have an enabling role with the Gathering's Hosts.

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A possible host group of Bougainvillians, West Papuans, East Timorese and Hmong people from Vietnam.

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A possible place for the Gathering is near the Atherton Tablelands region in N.E. Australia.

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The purposes may be to:

  • To share healing ways in supporting Survivors of Torture and Trauma.

An open agenda may draw on the material in the Trauma Healing Workshop Manual

  • To evolve informal self help healing networks
  • To celebrate the beauty of wellbeing action and socio-global harmony.
  • To explore the healing arts - entrancing Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) and community cultural action micro-experiences. Refer the page - Cultural Healing Action.

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  • Support for Torture and Trauma Survivors - (e.g. East Timor, Irian Jaya, Bougainville)
  • Healing The Human Family
  • Cultural Healing Wellbeing Alternatives To Psychiatric And Correctional Services
  • Evolving Self Help Healing Wellbeing Networks
  • Intercultural Healing Possibilities Of Indigenous Arts And Life Sciences - Benefits To Small Island, Estuarine And Coastal People

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Similarly to 1994, the campout style Gathering may be in a rural bush setting using tents and tarps for shelter. The climate can be warm to hot, and typically it is dry.

This gathering did happen in June 2000 and was followed up the following year in June 2001 with the Seventh Anniversary of the Small Island Coastal and Estuarine People Gathering Celebration


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