Updated April 2014


SECTION P - Linking Indigenous Healing Ways and the Latest from the Brain Sciences


o   This paper explores human potential inherent in our bodyminds’ integrated systems - with system capacity for operating flexibly and habitually – very different states. This links to capacity to be rigid and to transform. A story is included that gives a real-life example of interrupting profound dysfunction very quickly to produce a massive change in functioning. Flexibility and Habit



o   This Site is about adapting and applying the latest understandings from the brain sciences for changing and transforming behaviour of people and groups. This raises potential for changing and transforming flowing the other way – Healing Ways transforming the brain and nervous system. Ten scenarios from life provide hints about the potency of Laceweb Way. This is an entry point for understanding how Laceweb healing Ways transform communities and people towards wellness. Transforming the Whole of It – Applying Brain Research


o   Healing our mindbody using ancient wellbeing ways. Links the above two papers into mindbody research and the neurosciences and links these with indigenous healing practices and peak consciousness experience - corroboree, meditation, chanting, percussion, drumming, dancing and the like. Wisdoms from Laceweb - an informal indigenous, small minority and intercultural healing network throughout the East Asia Oceania Australasia Region.  Laceweb - Healing the Mindbody



o   This paper explores the theory, research, and practice of optimizing gene expression and neurogenesis to facilitate brain growth and healing via positive, creative experiences in the arts and sciences as well as alternative and complementary medicine, psychotherapy, and therapeutic hypnosis. Healing Artistry, Gene Expression and Gene Modulation



o   Contains Seven Processes for Increasing Lung Function and Wellness. Process Seven may be used to decrease the presence of discomfort in the body and support the body coming to a more balanced state. Breathing Processes for Increasing Lung Function and Wellness.



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