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Last updated April 2014.


Section E - Support Entities


o   Since commencing in Sydney, Australia the 1960's Self-Help Group Connexion has been spreading as a Functional Matrix or Network that is supporting and engaging self-help and mutual-help among individuals, families and communities with a special focus on psycho-social wellbeing. A brief overview of social action is outlined including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander key social action energy in the early 1970's. Connexion - A Family and Community Healing Network


o   Supporting self-help and mutual help groups and networks evolving wellness in all of its forms. Total Care Foundation


o   Action Researching Keyline and Cultural Keyline towards evolving thriving natural environments and thriving human nature. Keyline Foundation


o   Supporting an informal healing network - the Laceweb - among Australian Indigenous, small minorities and interculturals throughout Australia, SE Asia and the Pacific. The Intercultural Wellbeing Foundation


o   Supporting survivors of Torture and Trauma on Bougainville and Bougainvillians living in Northern Queensland, Australia. The Bougainville Survivors of Trauma Association



o   A list of many of the Laceweb Mutual-help and Self-help Groups, including an outline of their functions, fields and foci. Brief details are also provided about the significance of their names. Laceweb Functional Matrices



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