Whither Goeth the World

Humanity or Depravity



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Updated Feb 2007, April 2014.


A PhD Research project (as work in progress) on the Life Work of psychiatrist barrister Dr. Neville Yeomans

This research documents grassroots mutual help social action exploring the potential for transforming the whole World to a humane caring epoch.




Chapter One

A Warm December Morning and a Day in Autumn

Chapter Two

Being There - On Method

Chapter Three

Beyond and Transcending

Chapter Four

Fraser House - Evolution as an Inevitable Consequence

Chapter Five

Generating Fertile Soil at Fraser House

Chapter Six

Using Cultural Keyline for Psychosocial and Psychobiological Change

Chapter Seven

Critiquing and Replicating

Chapter Eight

Fraser House Outreach

Chapter Nine

Evolving the Laceweb

Chapter Ten

Humane Transitions - Being Together




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