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Section I - Wellbeing and Civil Society


A process devised by Dr Neville Yeomans for exploring the transforming of of the Australian Government’s Senior Executive Service. Globalocal Realplay - Healing Nightmares - A Process For Transforming Senior Bureaucrats


o   This paper provides an example of a Hypothetical Realplay Process for exploring how to increasing wellness in interpersonal relating.  An Example of Hypothetical Realplay


o   A 1975 paper written by Dr Neville Yeomans giving an overview of the history of mediation in law and society and exploring possibilities for mediation as an aspect of humane community integral law.  Whither Goeth the Law - Humanity or Barbarity


o   Provides a brief overview of Humanitarian Law and its healing role. Introducing Humanitarian Law


o   A paper written by patients at Fraser House about the role of psychiatric nurses and the process used in running healing groups.  The Psychiatric Nurses Role in Fraser House


o   Wellnet is a Wellness support network evolving in the East Asia Oceania Australasia Region. Wellnet is modelled on Nexus Groups and Connexions – two self-help groups evolved by Dr Neville Yeomans and others in the 1960s in Sydney, Australia. Wellnet


o   Discusses new roles for sociologists and psychologist flowing from a move to using a social-psychology model by Victorian Workcover in Victoria, Australia. New Roles for Sociologist & Psychologists


o   A Set of Papers on Evolving ConFest – a Conference Festival exploring transforming ways of living with precursors in Dr Neville Yeomans work in the 1960 in NSW, Australia. ConFest and the Next 250 Years - A Collection of Resources


o   A PDF version of the above resources. ConFest and the Next 250 Years - PDF


o   A common experience is that the best contacts and networking at local and international conferences is during the coffee breaks. This paper explores evolving conferences that are ALL coffee break. On All Coffee Break Conferencing



o   A lexicon containing over 100 concepts emerging from Laceweb way. The Lexicon introduces new concepts for anyone interested in getting results with other people. Natural Living Processes



o   A PDF version of the Above Lexicon



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