A Process for Transforming Senior Bureaucrats


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Written 1989. Last Updated April 2014.

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Resources are available to enable large scale cultural transforming action using this Realplay or other Realplay Formats tailored to presenting contexts. While written in 1989, the following Globalocal Realplay is still as potently relevant for transforming action in administrating governance.




In the late Eighties Laceweb people consulting in organizational change were approached by an Australian Federal Government Department about creating paradigm shift as well as cultural and climate change in their senior executive members. The following one pager was evolved by Dr Neville Yeomans and Un-Inma enablers with support from Unique Peoples - what he described as a ‘global-local realplay’ - as a resource for senior executive change.


Neville adapted the learning process ‘role-play’ to be ‘realplay’ consistent with Cultural Healing Action. Consistent with Keyline and Cultural Keyline this realplay sets up hypothetical realities for people to share. Bandler and Grinder call this, ‘future pacing’ (1975).


Consistent with Neville’s, 1974 ‘On Global Reform’ paper the hypothetical realplay is set in an indefinite future time where there has been a shift in World Order to Regional Governance with local governance of local matters. In this future reality Australia is part of the SE Asia Oceania Australasia Region.


All members of the Federal Senior Executive Service are becoming redundant in two years. However there are seven plum areas of work at the Regional Governance Level. Regional recovery is one. Currently the key contenders for that plum are consortiums from SE Asia because they are more sensitive to Islamic issues. If Australia wins the job, the Regional Recovery Centre would be placed in Darwin.


Another plum job is creating a power grid stretching from Tasmania through SE Asia to China. If Australia gets that plum it would be based in Melbourne or Adelaide.


The idea was that all in the Senior Executive Service could be given the challenge to increase their competencies in:


o   Thinking like a living system

o   Working with emergent properties and ways of thinking

o   Self organizing and mutual organizing cooperation


by dividing up into seven groups who then set about preparing a joint proposal that would be worthy of winning the selected contract.


Participants would be given actual resources to meet in small and large groups and network by phone and the Internet. Working with a large number of other peers in putting together what would be a very substantial proposal would create potential to co-reconstitute themselves as a very new kind of workforce.


The invite was to be extended to all members of the National Government Senior Executive Services. The possibility is global cultural transforming action


The realplay task is to work with one’s peers in preparing a comprehensive plan outlining the structure and processes the consortium would use in constituting say, the Regional Trade Centre.


The realplay is to extend to one’s family in talking through as hypotheticals all of the issues involved say in relocating to Darwin – new friends, new schools for children and the like – as well as exploring possibilities for evolving family-friend support networks among one’s consortium peers and their families.



The Department decided to use other people before this Hypothetical Realplay was shown to the Department and it has never been seen or used. However, it does give the feel for Laceweb’s transforming ways, the application of Cultural Keyline principles and processes for exploring possible futures and global and regional governance.



The One Pager:






SETTING:                  22nd Century nows in Australia

PERSONNEL:          Clerical, service, others

POSITION:                So far you are surviving the disasters





A universal Rule of Law is guided by developing globicultural canons enabling renewal, frugality, humanity, spirituality, ecology, justice, equity, beauty, peaceability and diversity.


The World Assembly is mobilizing localized, functional and globilateral governance and regeneration of inter-dependencies.


Regions, nations, states, cities, localities and individuals are cooperating, negotiating and pooling resources.


Technical rehabilitation is being internationalised; interregional cooperation and continental repair fostered.




1.    Columbus Place – business, governments, and community groups throughout the world have accepted that the Space Migration Site in Cape York Peninsula is the only way to go.


2.    Co-ordination of regional recovery for Asia-Pacifica is to be decided between Kuala Lumpur and Darwin. The latter’s alleged disadvantages are that we have neither proper respect for Islam; nor a cooperative, open, flexible Territorian Government.


3.    Townsville is our nomination for the Minority Peoples Activities Agency.


4.    Polycentric organizing action teams are needed for:


Air, waters, forest, land (including coastal zones, river systems, transboundary areas), peace-keeping, resource recycling and taxation, international and intergroup dispute resolution, city-regional relations, and conversion planning. Brisbane and Sydney are competing for one of these challenges.


5.    Technical rehabilitation: Melbourne and Adelaide as leading centres are exploring the feasibility of electricity sharing from China to Hobart.


6.    Austro-India and East African cooperation is being pursued at all levels in Perth, as is the Kimberley Colossus.


7.    Sydney and New Zealand are linking with Latin America.


8.    Melbourne is proposing a World Institute for harmonizing Appropriate Dispute Resolution and Legalities.



TASK: To build support with each other towards reviving and restoring your family and community.



© Copyright UN-Inma 1989. All Rights Reserved.


NOTE: Resources are available to enable large scale cultural transforming action including enabling of group collaborative action.


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