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Adapted from 1969 writing. Latest Update Oct. 2014


This is a copy of a letter from Dr Neville Yeomans’ Collected Papers Archives in the Mitchell Library in Sydney, NSW. It provides a glimpse of the processes used in setting up some of the Festivals that led up to ConFest.



    The Total Care Foundation Inc  



Dr N. Yeomans

Coordinator, Community

Mental Health Services


Chief Secretary and Minister for Labour and Industry                                                  

121 Macquarie Street Sydney, NSW 2000


13th March 1969


Dear Sir


Paddington Festival and Market Bazaar 21st – 22nd June 1969


The Total Care Foundation, a registered charity, is acting with a number of other bodies as a co-sponsor for a midyear festival and market bazaar to be held at the Paddington Town Hall beginning on Friday night 20th June through till Sunday night the 22nd June 1969. These activities will include Australian, Continental and Asian music, dance, and drama as well as artistic exhibitions. Admissions will be charged to those functions held in the first floor space of the Paddington Town Hall though not to those held elsewhere. It is anticipated that in the main hall a market bazaar will be held with various voluntary, community, and commercial groups having stalls. It is anticipated that religious and voluntary bodies will pay minimal or cost for use of an area while commercial ventures will be charged more. A proportion of the profits will also be probably allocated as a commission.


Proceeds of the festival are to go to a fund to maintain these activities on an annual basis. And also towards the establishment of a cultural and artistic centre in the area.


A similar festival, the Watsons Bay International Festival, was conducted in October of last year at Watsons Bay, as a preparation for the Captain Cook Celebrations on April 29th 1970. However, this was so successful that the present Paddington Festival and a planned Centennial Park Festival for October 12th 1969 have evolved as the next steps. All of these activities are on a non profit community basis.


It is requested that permission be granted for the Market Bazaar to be open Sunday morning the 22nd June at 9:30AM so that its activities over the weekend will be continuous. I would also be grateful to be informed if any further procedures are required in relation to your department for the festival and also for the one to be conducted in Centennial Park in October and at Watsons Bay next year.


I look forward to your advice and information.



Dr Neville Yeomans



Notice how Neville engages in weaving together many social events for community wellness:


o   Linking the proposed Paddington Festival to the successful Watson’s Bay Festival that he energised the previous year and a further proposal for a Festival in Centennial Park

o   Introducing the idea of a Market Bazaar at Paddington knowing he already had NSW and Australia’s first Community Mental Health Centre at the back of the church where the proposed Market would be

o   Linking these Festivals to the wider action of the Captain Cook Celebrations.

o   The Watson’s Bay Festival was linked to the Sydney Waratah Festival.

o   The Total Care Foundation linking with many other bodies

o   Linking in music and the arts to the Festivals and the Market Bazaar

o   Linking various voluntary, community, religious, and commercial groups

o   Seeding the idea that the Watson’s Bay Festival would be held again


Neville replicated this process in Darwin in energising the Rapid Creek Project.


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