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Written Aug. 2014.


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The Laceweb Internet site in a number of ways mirrors the Laceweb:


o   The Internet site has a flat local-lateral structure

o   It passes on rumours of what has worked well for wellness

o   These wellness ways may be freely adapted to local cultures and contexts

o   Typically, there is no reference to author or those involved in action research

o   Pages tend to be theme based and similar themes are grouped on the Homepage

o   Laceweb content and processes may be used to increase personal and interpersonal wellness

o   The site is continually expanding

o   Ways support relational networking

o   It is a resource that may be used to expand relational networking for wellness

o   It mirrors the bodymind as a system of systems

o   The content within each page is hyperlinked and all of the pages are also hyperlinked

o   It is a multidimensional woven space; you may seamlessly move around following sub-themes and Keypoint.

o   Folk may use the Laceweb Internet resource to extend their own relational networking

o   Folk may pass on the homepage to others in their relational networks

o   In the first 11 weeks since it has returned to the Internet people from 67 countries have linked to the Site


People around the World have found inspiration for action from this Laceweb Resource often based on practical examples from the past. As one example, a school in the UK for Children With Special Needs drew upon the Cultural Healing Artistry page in enabling staff and parents in supporting all of the students through the week in evolving an extraordinary extravaganza on Friday afternoon based upon the theme ‘The Emergence of Life on Planet Earth.’ Everyone was thrilled at the imagination, creativity, expressiveness, verve, and talent that emerged in very special children. Parents, Staff and Children were transformed by the experience.


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