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Written 1995. Last Updated April 2014.

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Keyline Foundation was formed in early 1970s in Sydney Australia and in Melbourne in 2009 supporting Action Research into the application of Keyline Farming processes, including:

o   Water harvesting

o   Evolving New Soil

o   Farm design

o   Urban design and City Forests

o   With extension including:

o   Decontaminating Water

o   Vertical farming

o   Regenerating damaged and eroded areas including post mining


Original Members of the Keyline Foundation

The Ten Trustees of the Keyline Research Foundation Taken at the Second Meeting of Trustees, August 1955.


From left to right:

Mrs. Rita Yeomans, who entertained, advised and catered for often up to one hundred unexpected visitors at the Nevallan farm – almost every week. In addition she was involved with the Flying Doctor Service, the English Speaking Union and the Country Women’s Association. She also managed the Brahman stud operation on the farm.

Mrs. Anthony Horden, Jnr., managed her own Southdown stud at Culcain (N.S.W.)

Anthony Hordern Jnr., President of the N.S.W. Sheepbreeders’ Association. A grazier running Merino and Romney Mash stud sheep, and also a beef cattle breeder.

Professor J.R A McMillian, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Sydney.

C.R. McKerehan, President of the Rural Bank of New South Wales.

P.A. Yeomans, President of the Keyline Foundation, Grazier, Mining Engineer, Originator of Keyline Plan, author of several books on agriculture.

Professor Sir C. Stanton Hicks, Professor of Human Physiology and Pharmacology at the University of Adelaide, Scientific Food Consultant to the Australian Army and founded the Australian Army Catering Corps during World War II.

David R McCaughey, (Sir) Chairman N.S.W. Elder Smith Goldsborough Mort, grazier of Borambola Park Beef Shorthorn Stud, Wagga (N.S.W.).

John Darling, Chairman and Managing Director of Darling and Co. Ltd (milling and stock-food). He was also director of various companies including British Petroleum Co. of Australia, Alcoa of Australia, Perpetual Trustees Australia, Consolidated Metals, and Commonwealth Mining Investments.

Harold N. Sarina, Organizing Secretary Keyline Research Foundation (former long term secretary of the Sydney Royal Agricultural Society, (R.A.S.) where he was Executive Officer and Registrar from 1933 to 1955. He was also an agriculture and livestock consultant. 

G.B.S. Falkiner (not shown), of Haddon Rig Merino Stud, Warren (N.S.W.), Vice President of N.S.W. Sheepbreeder’s Association, chairman of the Industrial Committee of the Nuclear Foundation and a member of the Council of the N.S.W. Bush Nursing Association.


Above copied from the Yeomans Project



Dam on the Yeomans Farms with water filling to the Keypoint at the left of the dam

The water edge follows the Keyline on either side of the Keypoint. Refer the PA Yeomans ‘books in the reference section for the potent significance of the Keypoint and Keyline.


yeomans project exhibition photo by louise anderson

In the above photo, you can see the “Yobarnie Map Wall” at the Yeomans Project Exhibition during Jan 2014 at the Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney.

A Yeomans plough at the Yeomans Project Exhibition during Jan 2014 at the Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney.

Field Trip on 25 Jan 2014 to visit Yeomans Farm as Part of Yeomans Project at Art Gallery of NSW


2009 Laceweb Keyline Field Days in Yungaburra in the Atherton Tablelands


Colloidal Charcoal for adding to the soil                       Adding via hose to the Keyline Groove


YouTube showing the thriving flow of life in the soil generated 


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Keyline Farming, 1955 (note crowds of visitors).


PA Yeomans Water Harvesting and Keyline, 1956.


A video interview with PA Yeomans on the Kiewa Valley provides a feel for his ideas in action


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