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First some visual glimpses of possibilities emerging from over sixty years of Action Research throughout the East Asia Oceania Australasia Region with input from remote area local Indigenous folk, action research farmers and agriculturalists, and Academics though Post Doctoral to Emeritus Professor.


Below is a photo of an example of replicating a Livaceum, something that may occur naturally at some Keypoints (refer Keypoints in Keyline Design). The locality where very special thriving soil evolved by  bio-mimicry to replicate a Livaceum is termed a Livacea. The very special top soil is Termed Livyon.


A You Tube Video providing a fascinating visual glimpse into the teeming flow of life that is playing inside ‘cupcake’ in the photo below may be found at Life Colloid.






Keyline Design with linked Keyline dams and network of irrigating channels


Irrigating channel with movable ‘walls’ so water flood-flows side ways


From the mid nineties, understandings about process have been action researched such that it is now possible to invariably produce extraordinary new soil in a few weeks; what nature takes 800 to 1000 or more years to achieve rarely. A small example is the first of the photo series above.

These processes were inspired by Indigenous knowing about how to find water in the driest inhabited continent, and Chinese folk wisdom of bringing water across country by just-off contour channels for sluicing gold. The processes have been evolving since the 1940s-1970s pioneering work in water harvesting and new soil generating. Associated processes support nature create contexts where nature does the changework in rapidly transforming compacted clays and shale into deep organic soils rich in soil organisms and humus. Further action research has extended understanding whereby chance occurrence deep in rainforests over hundreds and sometimes 1000s of years may make pockets of magnificent soil.

Processes have also been evolving that quickly creates extremely dense heavy charcoal which has most of the wood oils still present, that while very hard, may be readily finely powdered. With water added, this charcoal turns to colloidal charcoal as shown in the black ball in the palm in one of the above photos. One soil scientist assumed that the ball was 20,000 year old peat, when in fact a few days earlier it had been green wood. Colloidal charcoal has extraordinary properties in the soil mix.

The photo to the left of the one with the two blue drums on the Yeomans Plough shows a process whereby natural inoculants may be delivered sub-surface by hose using a Yeomans Plough; inoculants like myriads of healthy soil-organisms, super rich ‘1000 year old’ super soils, colloidal humus, and colloidal charcoal. The Yeomans Plough has unique properties enabling decompaction and aerating the soil. Repeated cropping and shredding of selected plant varieties may quickly add back further organic material to degraded soils along with repeated die-back of root systems following cropping. Keyline irrigation and natural soaking into Keyline pattern Chisel Ploughing distributes water into the mix,

Action research is integrating all of the above towards:

o   Comparatively low cost water harvesting

o   Re-constituting degraded land

o   Creating processes whereby water slowly percolates through soil

o   Oasifying desert regions

o   Creating food forests

o   Creating vertical farms

o   Greening Central Business Districts

o   Creating organic food forests in peri-urban areas

o   Food Sustainability

o   Evolving organic life-food with very low mileage to the plate

o   Extending PA Yeomans City Forest ideas

o   Having Eco-cities designed with Keyline and Cultural Keyline Processes including rainwater and grey water harvesting and processing through city forests (the Monarto Plan)

o   Combining thriving nature and thriving human nature


Perhaps worth exploring possibilities via further viewing the above photos.


That link to You Tube video of the teeming flow of life playing inside ‘cupcake’ in the photo at the start of this page may be found at Life Colloid.


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