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Last updated April 2014.


Section K - Microcontexts


o   The Laceweb has been having a Village at the Conference Festival called ConFest, held each year for seven days over New Year and five Easter, in SW Australia. Every year, between 2,800 and 5000 people attend ConFest. Around 600 people share healing ways during Laceweb self-help action within the Laceweb Village. Laceweb Village


o   Mingles is an informal network of people for evolving friendships, relationships and sharing wellbeing activities. It dates back to the 1960s. An example was the Spiral Sunday in Melbourne in the 1990s - a day where people come together to share healing ways, talents, friendships, caring energy, and play in a caring fun-loving environment. A similar network evolved in Sydney in the late 1980's where 'Healing Sunday' was held monthly for 18 consecutive months. A caring sharing network of over 150 people was generated. Mingles emerged at the 2007 Easter ConFest and has reappeared at subsequent ConFests. Mingles also energised The Well at Abbotsford Convent at Abbotsford, Victoria. Mingles at Laceweb Village also emerged at the 2014 Easter ConFest where around 5,200 attended. Mingles



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