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Mutual Help Healing Action

A family and community healing movement spreading from Australasia through the East Asia Oceania Region evolving and enriching all aspects of wellbeing


Written 1993. Last updated:April 2014.

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"Fraser House One MP3 STREAMING

Outlines how Neville’s evolving of Fraser House therapeutic Community.

"Program Two - Fraser House - Modelling Nature in a TC STREAMING

Provides an brief description of how Neville used Bio-mimicry in forming Fraser House.

"Program Three - Patients as Skilled Therapists STREAMING

Details how the Fraser House patients evolved as competent therapists.

"Program Four - Ethics and Group Process STREAMING

Outlines aspects of the Fraser House process such that TC pioneer Maxwell Jones would describe Fraser House as a place where personal evolution was inevitable.

"Program Five - Going Berserk STREAMING

A story of how Neville used high expressed emotion to create threat, danger and confusion creating bifurcation leading to a increase in system capacity.

"Program Six - Dr Neville Yeomans' Therapeutic Process STREAMING

Details Neville’s groups processes in leading Big Group with around 160 people as crowd and audience to each other’s change work.

"Program Seven -The Stabbing the Wall Message STREAMING

A story from life showing Neville’s capacity to spot symbolic communicating by a person in a double bind leading to system transforming.

"Program Eight - Insightful Cleaners, Small puppy and Learning to Say No STREAMING

Three stories from life relating to personal, interpersonal, and social transforming processes.

"Program Nine - The Nurturing Mother STREAMING

An example of Fraser House change work in ‘high gear’.

"Program Ten - Fraser House - A Model for the World STREAMING

A summary paper on Fraser House as a model for social transforming action

"Program Eleven - Fraser House Sociotherapy STREAMING

A summary paper on Fraser House as a model for social transforming action.

"Program Twelve - The Evolving of a Dispersed Therapeutic Community STREAMING

The paper details the processes that were used by Neville in Evolving a dispersed therapeutic community around Bondi Junction in Sydney, Australia in the late 1980s. .

"Program Thirteen - Dr Yeomans' Influence on the Evolving of ConFest STREAMING

A brief history of Neville helping in the evolving of five festivals that led up to the first ConFest in 1976.

"Program Fourteen - The Evolving of the Sydney ConFesters Gatherings STREAMING

The paper briefly outlines the processed used in evolving the Sydney ConFesters group who hold small festivals modelled on ConFest on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia.

As the following five Programs may lead to profoundly relaxed states these are never to be used while driving or engaging in any activity requiring your attention and full presence.

"Program 15 - Relaxing the Jaw 01 STREAMING

Many people are living with tension in the jaw and the many aspects that flow from this and here is a tape that may enable you to discover how you can let go of all of this tension and become very relaxed in the face and jaw.

"Program 16 - Relaxing the Jaw 02 STREAMING

This is the second Program that allows you to let go and become very relaxed in the face and Jaw.

"Program 17 - A Brief Slowdown 01 STREAMING

In the very busy lives many of us lead it may be a very good thing to take 5 minutes or so to have a very profound short relax so we can regain energy and verve read to live life well – energised and refreshed.

"Program 18 - A Brief Slowdown 02 STREAMING

This is a second opportunity to have a brief relaxing slowdown.

"Program 19 - Blissful Brook - A 27 Minute Slowdown STREAMING

Blissful Brook is a 27 minute profound slowdown. People with TM Joint (Jaw) issues have also spoken of having immense benefit from using this slowdown experience.

A video of Dr Neville Yeomans speaking on Handling Criticism well

An excerpt from a 1993 interview in Darwin Australia where psychiatrist Dr Neville Yeomans is speaking of his use of NLP in ecological ways.

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