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Section C - Laceweb Action


o   Contains details of a Mediation Gathering organised by Dr Neville Yeomans and finally held in 1993 at Lake Tinaroo in the Atherton Tablelands. Contains the flier and the Mediator Training outline as well as a description of the Mediator. Lake Tinaroo Mediation Gathering


o   This page contains a Combined Wellbeing Macro-project for focal people throughout the East Asia, Oceania Australasia Region.  This project is evolving community mutual support action for Wellbeing. Nothing happens unless locals want it to happen.   Self-Help Action Supporting Survivors of Torture and Trauma in the East Asia Oceania Australasia Region - Small Generalisable Actions


o   A short version of the above Combined Macro Project. Short Version


o   A photo gallery of 90 pictures taken at a series of Laceweb Wellbeing Gatherings in July 2001 in Far North Queensland, Australia. The events and processes are also summarised.  Second East Asia Oceania Australasia Trauma Survivors Support Network Healing Sharing Gatherings


o   Outlines a healing micro-project centred on two evolving safe havens around Darwin and Cairns in Northern Australia. Evolving an East Asia Oceania Self Help Trauma Support Intercultural Network - A Small Micro-Proposal


o   A Workshop Manual for the above Combined Macro-Project. Fourteen separate Workshops are included. The manual may support the evolving of a self-help networking that may support survivors of torture and trauma in the Region. The manual may be relevant in any context following man-made and natural disasters. Trauma Healing Manual  


o   Laceweb - Sociograms is a paper where simple images are used to give a flavour of how healing ways are spreading throughout indigenous, small minority and intercultural informal networks in the Region. Laceweb - Sociograms


o   This paper explores in detail issues relating to interfacing between First World psychosocial aid bodies and third/fourth world grassroots healing networks of the East Asia Oceania Australasia Region. Interfacing Alternative and Complementary Ways for Local Wellness


o   A paper exploring norms and values in the context of social-change – contrasting dominant way and grassroots ways for transforming behaviour. Transforming Norms


o   Sets out an extensive range of experiential learning themes for transforming people and communities towards increase wellness in all of its forms. Transforming Experiences for Wellbeing


o   Explores accessing ability in the midst of disability – tapping agency, capacity, psychosocial resources, awareness and resilience. This accessing extends to people in high places who may be disconnected from wellness in ways they do not comprehend. Accessing Wellness


o   A review of Laceweb Action. Trauma Healing Sharing Gathering Celebratings


o   A project emerging in the Rapid Creek Area of Darwin, NT, Australia in 1994 linking diverse energies for community wellbeing.  Rapid Creek Project


o   The range of events and activities teed up as part of the 1969 Centennial Park Festival organised by Total Care Foundation and other Laceweb energies. Centenial Park Festival


o   Manifesto written by some of the participants at the First ConFest in 1968. ConFest Manifesto



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