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This paper has been evolving since 1992. Last update Oct 2014



Over the years folk have commented that some find DTE meetings, both Directors Meetings and ConFest Committee of the Board Meetings very challenging to attend.


The following material may contribute to increasing the quality of Group Processes.



Folk in Dr Neville Yeomans’ Fraser House Big Group Meeting explored transforming ways using audience and crowd effects in large groups (180 people).


Neville also explored Small Group Processes.


Neville left Fraser House in 1968 to explore processes for extending Fraser House Big and Small Meeting processes into wider society.


To approximate these Fraser House Big and Small groups, over the years at ConFest I have been exploring group processes for having 180 people together where 95% of the time they are experiencing things and learning from their experience.


o   How does one engage with large groups?

o   How can one increase one’s capacity to stay present (and not off in one’s head) attending to everything that is happening in the group and observing differences that make a difference?

o   How can one have 95% of the time in the group experiential?

o   How does one acquire the experience of sensing the group such that one can read the group, and sense what it wants to do next? Being guided by the moment-to-moment changing context.

o   And how may one foster and engage with a shared group mood?

o   And foster and engage changes in group mood?

o   And changes in group energy?

o   And 180 people talking generate a very large amount of noise, so how does one have the noise settle down to explore a change of theme or action?


The processes that work have been written up as Healing Group Processes.


Also refer Page 265 the Psychiatric Research Study Group in Whither Goeth the World of Human Futures – A 4 E-book Biography of the Life Work of Dr Neville Yeomans



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