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Below are some ethical frameworks used in the Laceweb that were evolved and discussed at the Aboriginal and Islander Lake Tinaroo Mediation Gathering attended by Aboriginal women from the Far North Australia remote area community of Yirrkala, and other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and interculturals from the Atherton Tablelands region in 1993. This Gathering was supported and enabled by a Laceweb Self-Help Group called Mediation Matters.

The following ethical frame-work is a model which may be used:

For enablers and nurturers:

o    to help others help themselves

o    to use the self help action model in supporting other people taking self help action in enriching wellbeing

o    to recognise the worth of each individual

o    to show respect for the integrity of others by responding to each person's unique resources and by appropriately recognising and responding to the differences among people

o    to be responsible for using their caring, sharing, playing, mediating and healing micro-experiences to increase people's knowledge, understanding, playfulness, welfare and happiness

o    to make - while using their micro-experiences - every effort to protect the wellbeing of those seeking their support

o    to use their micro-experiences only for purposes consistent with positive mutual outcomes

o    to show respect for the integrity of all non-human life and non-life forms - nurturing the land, air, rivers and sea

Personal Accountability

Enablers and nurturers:

o    to represent fully and accurately their own level of caring, sharing, playing, mediating and healing micro-experience, credentials and areas of competence.

o    to encourage the spread of humane and playful micro-experiences within the general community.

o    to accept responsibility for their work and its consequences

o    to use every endeavour to ensure that their support is used appropriately and ecologically

o    to make every effort to continue to expand the limits of their own models and maps of the world, and to increase their competence through new learning

o    to only make such statements and claims in representing his/her actions that are true and accurate to the best of his/her information

o    to make no statement or claim that gives false information about his/her actions or about actions of other Enablers and nurturers

o    to present the nature and purpose of their approach in language which can be understood and evaluated by other people

o    to openly and freely represent the nature of outcomes and processes used in self help action.

o    to offer referral to other enablers and nurturers should it become reasonably clear that the recipient of support provided by a enabler/nurturer is not benefiting from such support

o    to openly and freely represent the nature of conflicts of interest involving those for whom they provide support

o    to avoid exploitative relationships with others for whom they provide support

Recognition of Current Limits

For enablers and nurturers:

  • to recognise the current limits of their personal competence and of the caring, sharing, playing, mediating and healing processes, any other personal limitations and/or problems that might interfere with providing appropriate support to others.

o    to seek feedback from others qualified to give it, where such limitations or problems are suspected to refrain from further support where their own limitations or problems would interfere

Public Discussion of the Laceweb Approach

For enablers and nurturers:

o    to act publicly in ways aimed to enhance rather than detract from the community's perception of the humane, playful approach, its practitioners, or practices

o    to make any statements to the others such that they provide balanced representations of the playful humanity model and its limits. Such statements will be aimed to inform others about the principles of humanity and playfulness, and to assist others in making informed decisions and choices. While an enabler's and nurturers' personal standards and ethics are generally a private matter, the ethical standards of the humane, playful, together community take precedence insofar as they affect the public perception of the Laceweb Approach

Respect For Other Life Ways

For enablers and nurturers:

o    to sufficiently understand the competencies of related fields to make appropriate referrals to other groups.

o    to show respect for micro-experienced persons in related fields by learning and acknowledging their customary procedures when interacting with them


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