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Updated Nov. 2014.


SECTION D - Laceweb & Global Futures

The Laceweb is both a social phenomenon and a social movement towards have well futures now.

Here are brief descriptions of the sub-pages in this Section:



o   Social commentators are beginning to report as ‘New social phenomena’ what has been quietly evolving in parts of the world since the 1960s.  New Social Phenomena



o   Outlines aspects of the new social phenomenon that is spreading through every country in the world according to some social commentators. The Fastest Growing New Social Movement on the Planet


o   New types of Social Movements are being formed around the world. The Laceweb as an informal network is compared with new social movements in Latin America. Looks at the potential for local and global change. Informal Networks and New Social Movements


o   Outlines the emerging of natural nurturer networks in the East Asia Region and within these networks the emergence of three forms of collectives with differing though resonant foci, namely the Wellbeing Collective, the Honorary Collective and the Advisory Collective. Epochal Transforming Collective Networks


o   This paper explores ways for evolving and realising human potential – personally, interpersonally, communally, inter-communally, culturally and interculturally. It also explores accessing and increasing the capacity of the unconscious mind. Realising Human Potential


o   A 1971 monograph written by Dr Neville Yeomans on cultural transitions and creating a new cultural synthesis. Identifies Northern Australia as a place conducive to exploring humane transitions. Mental Health and Social Change


o   In this paper written in 1974 Dr. Neville Yeomans sets out his vision for a way for possible global transition to a social life world centred on humane wellbeing and profound respect for the Earth and all life-forms. For many, economic globalisation is right now concentrating and cementing an inhumane global order of immense destructive power in the hands of a few. The spirit in action of Inma is life-force towards a balancing global integral humane transition.  Laceweb - On Global Reform and International Normative Model Areas (Inma)


o   This paper explores issues for government in facilitating community grassroots well-being action. Typically, governments carve the world into departments, then sectors, and then programs. Programs are typically top down and based on service delivery by experts. Evaluation is typically based on the forgoing framing. In stark contrast, community based grassroots action is often holistic, local and lateral, and entails mutual help rather than service delivery. Evaluation is an integral aspect of the unfolding grassroots process. This paper outlines the essence of Laceweb self help action and issues for governments supporting this action.  Governments and Facilitating Community Grassroots Wellbeing Action




o   Specifies core values, norms and benchmarks for reconstituting society following societal collapse. Governance and Law

o   The Laceweb - Down To Earth Auspicing Motion Page provides a glimpse into breadth of Laceweb Action among indigenous and minority groups throughout SE Asia Pacific. It also gives a feel for the types of issues involved. Laceweb - Down To Earth Auspicing Motion

o   Extegrity is guidelines and process for supporting grassroots bottom-up reconstituting of collapsed and collapsing societies. A document providing ethical, organisational and funding guidelines; provides a rich glimpse into resonant ethical humane action within Laceweb framings. Extegrity - Guidelines for Joint Partner Proposal Application


o   A treaty between Unrepresented Nations and Peoples, Indigenous Peoples; their Leaders, Non-Government Organizations and Practitioners around the World (Unique Peoples); and other Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). Inter-people Healing Treaty Between Non-Government Organizations and Unique Peoples


o   A healing learning code between Unique (Unrepresented and Indigenous) Young Persons and other Individual or Independent Young Persons.  The Young Persons Healing Learning Code


o   This page explores possible future frames and action contexts within the East Asia Oceania Australasia Region and possible expanding Laceweb roles and actions. Future Possibilities


o   A paper about evolving action with potential to transform people, community and society Transforming Action


o   This paper outlines processes being used around the world for transforming society Processes for Transforming Action


o   This document has been evolving for decades. The Treaty words give expression to what people have experienced in celebration gatherings – where they have moved into a way of living and being with themselves and others that enriched the wellness of their lives. The Treaty envisages a time when all life on earth live well together. The signatories agree to living this way now. Thriving Earth and people Treaty


o   While the above Treaty looks forward, this paper tentatively supports the forming of specific treaties, processes, agreements, and other undertakings addressing and redressing specific loss and harm that has happened and or continues to happen in differing contexts around the world. Evolving Redressing Reconciling Treaties



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