The Fastest Growing New Social Movement on the Planet


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Adapted from writings in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. Updated Nov. 2014.



Currently, spreading around the world is the fastest growing new social movement the world has ever seen.

This movement is growing using direct inter-personal contact at gatherings, festivals, ceremonies, and celebrations spreading throughout earth.

People are beginning to create contexts where they are thriving together surrounded by thriving environments.

They are evolving ways to link these environments towards oasifying the earth.

People in these New Social Movements are using experiential learning in face-to-face contact.

They’re using audience and crowd effects.

They’re using purposeful contagion and virus type effects,

They’re evolving and using what has been termed ‘enabling environments’. People are evolving people friendly spaces, places, localities, and atmospheres.

This new social movement is drawing very extensively upon nature and using bio-mimicry. There’s viral networking, intertwining, fertile seeding, germinating. There’s abundance.

There’s time to ebb and there’s time to flow. There’s self-organising. There’s swarm. There’s rapid growth on the margins. There’s growth in the cracks and crevices.

There’s innovation among those who have had ‘society’ knocked out of them. People who have been lonely in a crowd are re-creating the little village atmosphere where everyone knows everyone.

Diverse people are experiencing living well together during experiential gatherings, festivals, celebrations, and ceremonies, and taking this experience back with them for living well with each other in everyday life.

There’s exploring processes for facilitating experiential learning in large and small groups. Processes that work have been documented. And are being passed on to others. Refer Healing Group Processes.

Ideas are evolving for changing alongside others. People are experiencing ways of relating well with others, especially those who are different. There’s the use of slogans. ‘Strangers are friends you’ve yet to meet’.

Processes are being evolved and shared for raising people’s consciousness. Refer Realising Human Potential.

People are transforming by experiencing living well together.

All forms of artistry are being used. People are playing together. People are being spontaneous.

People who have had societal induced ‘breakdowns’ are getting it all together and becoming well with others in community. And these same kinds of folk are getting it all together by living close with animals and birds and by growing things with others.

Some are taking micro-actions. Others are linking in ways that have mass momentum and mass effects.

People are entering into common understandings and agreements about local, regional and global futures.

In this, the social-life word is taking a lead in energising transforming action within the political life world and the economic life world!


People are evolving common understandings and values while respecting valued differences.

These celebratory gatherings are also bringing together tribes and clans and other groupings; collectives, and peoples, and even reaching out to leaders of sovereign nations’ governance.

Some of the interwoven themes (refer Paul Hawken’s Blessed Unrest) are:

a)    indigenous cultural wisdoms of interconnectedness

b)    ecology

c)    social ecology

d)    environmental action, and

e)    social justice.

This new form of social movement has spread around the world hardly noticed by mainstream people - .the mainstream media and social commentators. Typically, they do not have the modes of perception to notice it (refer Connexity Perception).

The social planners, the administrators, the community development people, the event management people, the bureaucrats and all of these types, if they do attempt in engage with this new social movement, typically find all of their skills and experience irrelevant and a hindrance. They may experience dis-empowering of their zero-sum power (if I get more power, you get less). After prolonged engagement they may end up absorbing authentic power (refer Authentic Empowering and Tapping into Alternative Sources of Power).

And there’s also a reaching out to non-state actors; the insurgents, the separatists, the guerrillas, the freedom fighters and the like.

There’s a passing on that, as in the old song lines:

The times, they are a changing, and

Give peace a chance.

The Movement engages in Community Mutual Help Action for Wellbeing. This is happening  towards local, regional and global reform of life on earth.


Some precursors to this New Social Movement may be traced to action documented in the paper Informal Networks and New Social Movements that outlines the social relating based movements spreading through South America and through the Asia Oceania Australasia Region since the 1960s.



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