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Posted 1 Feb 2007

Updated April 2014




The wisdom on the Laceweb website has been drawn from the grassroots people of the Region. Consistent with their way, this wisdom is freely available on the Laceweb Internet site. Now a simple secure process is being set up, so people reading and downloading this wisdom from the Region may contribute financially if they so desire. You may send a tiny amount or as much as you desire.

Laceweb Way

Laceweb Way has been supporting indigenous and oppressed minority people in the East Asia Oceania Australasia Region for over 50 years.

Laceweb way supports local people taking their own local action for wellbeing. Nothing happens unless locals want it to happen and have the say about what happens, how it happens and who are involved.

Typically local people use their local ways and their local resources. Local people accept support from Laceweb networks if the local people want it.

Local action is typically voluntary or low cost and local people provide the resources if they can. Only funding consistent with the above is accepted from others.

The Laceweb Way is linked to many contexts in the Region crying out for funding.

The Total Care Foundation

The Total Care Foundation Inc. provides an auspicing role to Laceweb. Dr Yeomans and others founded the Total Care Foundation in 1968 to support community self help.

To remain consistent with the above Laceweb Way, donations are not tax deductable in any country.

How to Donate

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