An Example of Enabling Indigenous Wellbeing


Posted Nov 2000. Last Updated April 2014.


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On December 8 1990 Neville Yeomans signs a statement (the archival source for this page) relating to a voluntary co-learning sharing during the previous fifteen months between an Aboriginal women and himself. While energy sharing occurred during the fifteen months, the women did receive a grant to engage fulltime in co-learning for three months.

During the 15 months the Aboriginal women and Neville were involved in individual and family therapy, facilitating, mediating, and counselling during home visits, live-in programmes and visitors attending Neville's Home.

Neville and the women were introduced by another Aboriginal women with whom Neville had been engaged in a similar co-learning.

The places and approximate times were as follows:

o   Wuchopperen Aboriginal and Islander Medical Service, Innisfail - 10 days

o   Yungaburra home of Neville - 150 hours

o   Cairns facility - 10 hours

o   Atherton Tablelands, various towns and places - 50 hours

o   Lake Tinaroo, April 1990; facilitation mediation and counselling live-in co-learning gathering - 6 days (with around 20 other Aboriginal and Islander women from the Atherton Tablelands region and remote areas of Far North Australia)

o   Yungaburra; facilitation, mediation and counselling small group gatherings - 13 days

o   Petford Training Farm visits; including live-in co-learnings of up to 3 days working alongside Old Man, another Aboriginal Healer and around 25 Aboriginal and Islander youth, exploring self healing ways; since June 1990 - 30 days

o   Cairns; as co-enablers and micro-experience sharers at a Socio-Emotional Healing Wellbeing Gathering - 1 day

During the 15 months, both the Aboriginal women and Neville were separately, engaged in enabling co-learning and healing sharings with other Aboriginal and disadvantaged minority people.

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