Cultural Keyline - The Life Work of Dr Neville Yeomans

A PhD Research project


Written 2005. Last updated: April 2014

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This research documents grassroots mutual help social action exploring the potential for transforming the whole World to a humane caring epoch.


The PhD has been extended into a four volume E-Book titled Whither Goeth the World of Human Futures freely downloadable as a PDF file.




Chapter One

On Human Futures

Chapter Two

Neville’s Model for a 250-Year Transition to a Humane Caring Epoch

Chapter Three

Emergence of Therapeutic Communities and Community Mental Health

Chapter Four

On Method

Chapter Five

Connecting Sustainable Agriculture and Psychosocial Transition

Chapter Six

Fraser House Milieu

Chapter Seven

Governance and Other Reconstituting Processes

Chapter Eight

Fraser House Big Meeting

Chapter Nine

Fraser House Transitionary Processes

Chapter Ten

Critiquing and Replicating

Chapter Eleven

Critiquing and Replicating

Chapter Twelve

Evolving The Laceweb

Chapter Thirteen

Evolving the Laceweb Social-Movement

Chapter Fourteen

Whither Goeth the World – Humanity or Barbarity?




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