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Written 1997. Last updated – April 2014.

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Laceweb Energy informed and supported the first ConFest in Cotter River, NSW in 1976. New Year ConFest in 1997/98 saw the first Laceweb Village at ConFest. Laceweb workshops have been held at ConFest over the years since then with Laceweb Workshops well attended during the 2013 Easter ConFest.





Hundreds of healing ways

Communal ways for healing the World

Drug and alcohol free space

Interested in running workshops or conferences

A place for your base

Support welcome


Some of the themes of the Village are:


Families most welcome.


The Laceweb is a social movement had its origins in the early 1940's in Australia. It is spreading to include indigenous, small minority and intercultural people throughout the East Asia Oceania Australasia Region. Laceweb networks of wellness healers are passing on news of what works through the Region. Laceweb has wellbeing as its focus and is not connected with any religious or political base. It is more a way of living and relating that embraces wellbeing. You do not become a member as there is nothing to join. It's the sharing of simple things that work. It may be that you have been part of the Laceweb for years without knowing it!

Hundreds of Healing Ways

The Laceweb enables and engages in self-help and mutual-help action - enriching all aspects of wellbeing. Healing ways that work are passed on to others. Over the years since the first Laceweb Village at ConFest (1998), hundreds of these healing ways have been shared at Laceweb workshops at ConFest.

Communal ways for healing the World

You may be interested in communal ways for healing the World - things that you can do locally - and ways to enrich your wellbeing. Have a look at the links at the bottom of this page for 'Healing ways' and 'Healing the Mindbody' 

Drug and alcohol free space

The Village is in a 'drug and alcohol free space' and the 'quiet zone'.

Interested in Running Workshops or a Conference?

Are you interested in enabling healing workshops or conferences on any aspect of wellbeing? Gentle healing spaces are available at Laceweb and you are most welcome to participate. It's as simple as letting people know what you are enabling. Do this by writing them up on any available spot on the Laceweb section on the Workshop notice-boards. These are usually found near the ConFest information centre.

A Place for Your Base

Whether you're a healer, nurturer, seeker, or just looking for a playful fun, place for your base at ConFest - the Laceweb Village may be for you. Stay with us or drop in for a cuppa and chat.

The Laceweb Village for 'play at work' shops, conferring, ceremonies, celebratings, drumming/didge & dance, community healing actions and the joy of living.

Support Welcome

We welcome input and contributions of energy including Village set up. Please let others know who may be interested in linking in with this energy.


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