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Laceweb Action - July 2001

Respect and Flexibility
Geoff has the youths continually exploring respect, cooperation, flexibility and choice.

Two Petford youths
Geoff continually has the boy's cooperating, safely. Any request for assistance Geoff prefaces with a, 'Please Brian', or even a, 'Thank you Tim' - that is, thanking the youth before Geoff has asked him to do something.

The Artists
Geoff and Norma's niece and nephew - shown with their children - painted the following pictures which are shown to gathering attendees - one aspect of Cultural Healing Action.

The Goanna and the Eagle
This image about earthly and spiritual harmony is elicited from the dreaming stories. The Goanna is earthly - protected by white light, and the Eagle is a figment - a spirit creature surrounded by the golden light. The hands are of their children and are spiritual signifiers of giving and receiving.

The Goanna and the Snake
This image story is about respect for each other. The snake and the goanna are from the same clan. They are crossing over each other and they are able to work in harmony. They are painted intertwined. We may imitate that same spirit of grace.

The Jabiru and the hunter
We can take our cue on how to provide food for ourselves by imitating the animals. They are successful because of the methods they use when they hunt. The Jabiru moves very slowly, and moves very fast to spear fish with its beak. We may draw inspiration from living in harmony with all life - with nature.

Respect for the ocean
We may learn from the most natural creatures of all. They have not learned to speak rot to one another. The image invites us to follow the lessons of nature - the natural instinct according to what the planet gives up - so you and I may live in balance with it.

Cracking up or networking
In his storytelling, Geoff draws on traditional Australian Aboriginal socio-medicine and socio-healing ways. As well, Geoff is very skilled in many of the Western therapies. He uses the things around him as metaphors. One minute the cracks in the dry earth may be used to reflect friendship drying up and people pulling apart - and then the next minute he may reframe it so the cracks become the network patterns of the flow of healing ways among Laceweb nurturers.

The creek at the Petford Therapeutic Community
The creek and river systems and the similar form of ridge systems may become other metaphors for the long thin nature of the Laceweb healer networks spreading throughout the SE Asia, Oceania, Australasia Region.

All interconnected for wellbeing
 'A summary statement by Geoff's Niece - 'Everything in each painting is respective of what each thing in the painting gives up; the stone, the birds, the people, as well as the words and the effect, the mystery, the revelation - its all interconnected. The more we're a part of it, the more we think about it, the more we have it in our mind - to look and appreciate - we can feel it, and know that you are balancing - your balancing yourself out - you're balancing your life to be in harmony with the Earth and everything that lives in it, and everything you have been taught. The simple things in life are the keys to success. And then being whole-some and balanced, I believe.'

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A Summary of What Happened at the Gathering:

All the above ways were seamlessly woven together during our shared time in an open agenda as appropriate unto the moment's mood, inclination, and energy level. The healing artistry drew upon a small part of the canvas of possible resources



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