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Laceweb Action - July 2001

Being engrossed in play
Attendees enjoy accessing enchantment, engrossment and playfulness.

Experiential sessions are dotted with relaxing breaks.
Experiential sessions are dotted with relaxing breaks with shared community life as healing possibilities.

Another child engaging with the Gathering
Around 30 children join with many of the adults in having fun with a large, multicoloured parachute.

Enjoying food and sunlight
Many body approaches to trauma healing are experienced, including awareness through movement and somatic therapy.

Sharing stories
Many ways of telling stories for mindbody healing are shared, and attendees take opportunities to experience these ways.

Stories everywhere
Often you can hear lots of stories happening all around.

Balancing play and listening
Differing stories are woven together to engage and reframe/change ideas, behaviors and emotions towards more flexibility and choice.

The meals can wait
Experiences include attending, rapport, pacing, listening, respecting, and having all senses in the here-and-now external social life world.

Being close together in community for re-membering community wellbeing.

Simple things with possibilities
Many simple everyday life moments may be a context for wellbeing possibilities.

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