Founding History of Social Transforming Action

From Antiquity       

 (1000s of years)

The Natural Nurturer Tradition

Nurturing social cohesion; caring for and respecting others and all life


(in/of/from the mother)

Nurturer networks within and between villages and along and between Clan lines – Pacific East Asia Australasia Region

Dr Neville Yeomans founding Fraser House Therapeutic Community, Sydney

Evolving community networking Processes 1959-68

1950s Percival A Yeomans

Evolving of Keyline with sons

Neville, Allan and Ken for

Water Harvesting &

New Soil Generation

Evolving Natural Nurturer Networks

In Pacific East Asia Region

1950s to Now

La Parouse Indigenous Networks

Linking up East Coast Australia 1960’s

Gatherings and Networking 1968 – 2008 (estimated attendances)


Watsons Bay        2,500

Paddington            1,300

Centennial Park   15,000

Campbelltown          520

Aquarius               10000

ConFest Bredbo  12,000

Cooktown              2,500            

ConFest Cotter    15,300

Mt Oak                 15,000


Continually till now

Small Therapeutic Community Houses




Atherton Tablelands



Links to Fraser House & Petford Community Farm

Gatherings of the Natural Nurturer Networks Along East Coast Australia 1970 Onwards:


Armidale NSW - 1970-1972

Grafton NSW - 1973

Alice Springs - 1973

Katherine - 1973

1973 onwards - Indigenous Networks emerging

         across Australia Top End

1977 - Cooktown Arts Festival Gathering


Re-invigorating Well-being Networking around Sydney

During 1980’s Documenting Oral History of the Natural Nurturer networking; engages in Action Research and involved in enabling all associated gatherings from 1985.


1988-89 Healing Sunday Gatherings in Bondi Junction

International Natural Nurturer Networking


Linking up Indigenous Natural Nurturers through Pacific East Asia

Linking through UNPO

Linking through UN Indigenous Working Groups

Informal Networks spreading through the Region

Gatherings - Small Minorities in China

International Gatherings in the Top End


Developing Aboriginal and Islander Therapeutic Communities Gathering 1992

Tinaroo Relational Mediation Gathering 1993

UN Funded Small Island Coastal & Estuarine Gathering 1994

(Pre-Conference to UN Small Island Conference in the Caribbean)

Star of the Oceans Gathering 1994

Small Island Anniversary Gatherings 1998-2001


1974 On Global Reform – The Next 350 Years

Three-stage transition process (T1-T3) (where T1, T2, and T3 signify three transition processes):

       Tl         = Consciousness-raising in national Arenas

      T2         = Mobilization in Transnational Arenas

      T3         = Transformation in Global Arenas


Co-existing with later T1 activity is a relatively brief consciousness raising program with the more reformist humanitarian members of the national community, i.e. largely based on self-selected members of the helping and caring professions plus equivalent other volunteers. However their consciousness raising is mainly aimed at realizing the supportive and protective role they can play nationally, in guaranteeing the survival of the Inma beyond their own lifetimes, rather than trying to persuade them actually to join it by migration (1974)

2002 UN Study Group in Thailand commences Action Research on Grassroots Natural Nurturer Networks

2003 UN-Inma person appointed by UN as consultant to evolve a Rapid Response capacity in the Pacific SE Asia providing Psychosocial Support following Large Scale Emergencies

2003-2005 Psychnet formed as a Psychosocial Support Network through eleven countries in the Region with its secretariat at Philippines University, Quezon City.

2005 Eleven-Country Gathering in Tagaytay in the Philippines.

2005 Field Trip to Post Conflict Context in Pikit and Takipan in Mindanao, Philippines


T2 Mobilizing Transnationals – Visits to ConFest & Follow-on


1994: Marj Lesina - Aboriginal – Hosted 1994 Small Island Gathering

1994: Cecilia Davern – PNG Islander – Hosted Star of the Seas Gathering

1995: Alex Dawia, Bougainville Islander – Small Island Aniv Gatherings

1995: Michael Laimo - Bougainville Islander – Small Island Aniv Gathering

1995:Chris Nero Bougainville Islander – Small Island Aniv Gathering

1996: Aboriginal women around Australia invited to ConFest – Grp attend

1998: Geof Guest – Aboriginal – Petford Gathering

2003: Chan To – Cambodian – Planning Ankor Wat Gathering

2005: Violeta Bautista – Philippino – Tagatay & Manilla Gatherings

2005: Marco Puzin – Philippino – Takipan & Pikit Gatherings (Mindanao)

DTE Visits:

1994: DTE funds 3 members experienced in site set up to visit Atherton

1996: Visit by Raitaku – Bougainville Islander – Linking to DTE

1996: DTE people visit Aboriginal Elder NSW who Links through SE Asia